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When is the last time you heard a truthful sermon on the Book of Revelations in a mainline church?

When is the last time you, as a Christian, were encouraged to study the Book of Revelations?

I dare say that you haven’t heard these things often at all.

On the other hand, how many times have you heard that Jesus is the Giver of all things, that Salvation is a free gift, that if you give of your resources to God, you will become prosperous, if you have enough faith, you will be healed, or if you have enough people praying for you, all your problems will disappear? Its pretty likely that you’ve heard these things abundantly.

Worst of all, how many times have you heard people say, “Oh well, maybe Jesus will return before that happens”, or, when seeing how the world is moving toward evil so quickly, “Oh well, its the end times, and that just means Jesus will be coming to get us very soon.” How many of our preachers teach that very same lie….Jesus will surprise us, and show up at any moment now! LIES!

These are lies, created by satan himself, through the occult, and perpetrated through churches who want the collection plate to fill up. I’m not saying that all preachers are teaching the lie for that reason, for they, also, are deceived, because seminaries teach it! But, the main reason for some, is money, because they know that people who know the truth won’t give money.

Most people give to receive. Sad, but true. If they knew what the end times really entail, many would fall away immediately, because they are not “overcomers”, they are “easycomers”…they “bought into” the Christian faith because they see, and mostly are told, only “good” things….easy things, the good life now AND in the next life.

Jesus never once gave that idea, nor do we see it in the Old Testament. The Book of Revelations never uses words that indicate a “free ride”, instead it is full of words like, judgment, poor, torment, blood, but no other Book of the Bible shows us the Glory of God like the Book of Revelations. It shows how the Overcomers will see the Glory of God, but the easycomers won’t!!!!

The truth in the Book of Revelations, as well as numerous places throughout Scripture is that the Elect (Christians) WILL go through the Great Tribulation, perpetrated by the world antichrist system and the world leader, “The Beast”, and be overcome by him. (See my previous writings for scriptural proofs of this fact.) The mainline church has been entrenched in the lie of a separate taking of the elect before the tribulation. This is a blatant, cruel and disgustingly evil lie, straight from the pits of hell, to cause people to fall for the antichrist beast, who will impersonate the returning Christ, and thereby, these people will not “endure to the end” and will be lost.

Christianity is not a one-time, easy decision. Jesus tells us to count the cost (Luke 14:28) before we make the decision to accept His Salvation and accept Him as our Lord and Savior. Truly doing this will put our inner life in turmoil, and many times, our outer life also.

Christianity is living with Him every day, and growing closer to Him daily, getting to know Him more and more deeply every moment, in every situation, and letting Him change us, as we obey every small and large command He puts into our spirits. This is a lifetime work, for us and Him, and if we are diligent, it will cause us to be overcomers.

Nothing should deter us from our diligent life in Him. Jesus promised that in this life we will have problems. There is no place in the Word will He ever said we would escape those things. But, He also said that He has overcome the world. He will show us that overcoming Glory of His and the Father’s at the end of time, and those Christians who have stayed with Him to the end, who haven’t bought the lies and deceptions that the church as a whole has fallen into, will be a part of the overcoming with Him.

To the overcomers, He has made these promises:

Rev. 2:7…The Tree of Life which is in the midst of the Paradise of God (Time and human history will come full circle, for this is the same tree that Adam and Eve were prevented to eat of after they sinned….when the remnant, who has absolutely identified, to the end of their lives, with the substitution of Jesus Christ, will be able to continue where Adam and Eve left off, and live their lives with Our Lord, as He intended from the start.

Rev. 2:11…Will not be hurt by the second death, which is hell. He promises Salvation only to overcomers…..those who “endure to the end”…not a single prayer, and then think they are sinless from then on.

Rev. 2:17….hidden manna and a white stone with our private name, only known to Him. What a beautiful thing this is! Here is our perfect provision the false churches have been promising on earth! It is only gotten by enduring to the end in union with Our Lord.

That personal relationship that we cultivate as best we can in our limited humanity, will be limitless and abundantly overflowing when we have that secret manna and secret name, each of us, with Our Wondrous Lord!

Rev. 3:5…Clothed in white and He will not blot our names out of the Book of Life, and He will confess us before the Father and the angels.

Here is an unfathomable thing to me!!! Here is Our Lord, the God and Creator of the Universe and beyond, manager of every huge, and every intricate little system, structure and item in the Universe, actually, presenting each of us before His Father, the Almighty God, in the presence of all the angels. Can you imagine that picture?!!!!

But, this only comes after much internal, and sometimes external suffering caused by temptation, and the evil systems of this world. Much enduring and overcoming must happen first, with power given us by Our Lord at the time.

Rev. 3:12….He will make each of us a pillar in the Temple of God. A pillar! Holding up the temple! He said we shall go no more out. We will never stray from Him, never disappoint Him, because we will be so close to Him, and His Mighty Power will be in us!!! We will be before our God for eternity, worshiping Him with the power given us, and glorifying Him, knowing we will never be able to praise Him enough for all He has done!

He promised He will write upon us the Name of God, and the name of the City of God, which is New Jerusalem, (which comes down from heaven) and, He will write upon us HIS NEW NAME!!!

His new name, would be the Victor, Glorious One, Lamb of God, Eternal Begotten of the Father, and hundreds of others….for Time will be no more, all will have been fulfilled, and we will have overcome!!! These things are only for overcomers!!!

Rev. 3:21….This promise overwhelms me! He promises that to overcomers He will grant to sit with Him in His throne! We will be with Him!!! Then, the unbelievable part is that He likens us to Himself. He says, “even as I also overcame, and am set down with my Father in His throne.”

I must confess, I don’t understand how Almighty God could put mere human beings, His creation, and sinners besides, on that level with Him!!!! But I pray that I can stay strong in clinging to Him to the end, so that I will see that.

Rev. 21:7.”…Shall inherit all things and I will be His God and he shall be My Son.” As a child inherits all his father has, overcomers shall inherit heaven and earth, and all that God owns. Satan will be in chains, fallen angels will be powerless and in the pits of hell, and we will truly be one with Our God, as we have strived for all our lives.

These are the rewards for overcoming all the horrible obstacles on earth. Most people don’t understand how evil hurts God, how important every evil thing is, whether it is inside our hearts (and we are all inherently evil) or in the events going on around us.

There are angelic battles going on around us all the time. Demons and angels in intense battle, to which we, in our humanity, are oblivious. But they are mighty battles that will determine many things, and our attitude toward it, actions in it, and obedience to God in our lives, will determine, for each of us, whether we will be overcomers, and reap the rewards described by the Holy Spirit in the Book of Revelations, or if we will believe the deceptions, and not take the time to prayerfully study the Word….all of it, and spe

climbing cliff

nd time on our faces in utter humility and repentance before Almighty God!!!!

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