About this Site

More and more these days, Christians are exposed to many false doctrines and false teachers.

This website presents the Pure Word of God with no compromise, and no apologies.  Lets join together and study the Word  which leads us to a closer, more pure and personal walk with Our Lord Jesus Christ.

I have experienced many things in my lifetime, and the Lord has always been there, proving, protecting, teaching, guiding, and chastising, in order to mold me into a child who desires only His Will. That process is still going on, and will continue.

I have a particular passion for abused women, as I have experienced that for many years, and the Lord has shown me how He works in those situations.

I have divided the website into subject categories.  If you click at the end of each one, the link to the appropriate category will show for you to click on.   Or you can choose them from the “category” drop-down menu in the lower right hand margin.

Please rest with me in the Arms of Our Lord, and hear His Still, Small Voice, as He gently teaches us with Love that can only come from the Heart of God.

Please feel free to make comments.   If you need someone to talk to, please  message me here.

God bless you.



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