This category will be a collection of writings/studies about our responsibility in our status as Children of God, saved by Our Lord Jesus Christ.

There is much deception out there, and much of it is in the denominational churches.   I am not advocating that every Christian should leave his church, but it is clear that we each, individually, must stand before Our God, and it is our individual responsibility to study the Word  and compare it to the doctrines of our denominations, as well as our lives.

There are a great many hidden weaknesses within the churches, as well as within ourselves, and we must always be diligent to keep abreast of these things, and, if the Lord leads, be courageous enough to obey Him for such a time as this.

To access these writings, you can click on the link either in the “categories” menu in the lower right hand margin, or the menu above this page.   Thank you, and May Our Lord richly bless you with understanding and wisdom!

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