The writings in this category will help establish whether we are TRULY Christians.

We must have the basics down before we can go further in our walk with Our Lord.

There are many deceptions out there, and we must have our relationship with Him established firmly before we can  be strong against them.  We must know Who He is to us, and who we are in Him.

We need to establish ourselves upon the Rock, who is Jesus Christ.   He said that unless we build on the Rock, we build in vain and will lose all.

This collection is for us to establish these things before we move on from what Paul called “milk” onto “meat” in the study of the Word. (Heb. 5:13)

To access these writings, you can click on the link, either in the drop down menu in the lower right hand menu, or on the menu above this page.  Thank you.

My prayer is that the Lord’s blessings will flow through to you as you prayerfully read, and that you will come to know Him like never before.

Blessings to you and yours.



my job is obedience

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