It is obvious we are in the End Times.   This does not mean we have a very short time, necessarily, but it is possible.   Jesus said the anti-christ spirit was in the earth at the time He was here, and history has shown times when it appeared the end was near.   I believe we are in the end times, but we don’t know how long we have been in it, nor how long it will be until the end.

I pray you’ll be blessed as you prayerfully read through the writings you will find in the categories on  “Shining the Light on the End Times” and “Shining the Light on Deceptions”, which you can click on in the “Trending” menu in the margin above this writing, or you can go to the lower right hand margin, click on the drop-down menu of “Categories” and choose the category.  Thank you.

The uneasiness of these times should serve to draw us closer to Our Lord, both in seeking wisdom, and, more importantly, in seeking He Himself, and our relationship to Him.

We need to be united during these times, which can only happen when each of us seeks the Lord with all our hearts, in true repentance, in order to hear from the Holy Spirit.   In that way, we can be sure we will all hear the same thing.

This isn’t a time to listen to committees, organizational churches, or anyone else who gets their knowledge from any means except the True Word of God with deep, repentant prayer.

Deception will be very powerful as time goes on, and the only way to stay on the strait and narrow road is the stay by the side of Our Lord Jesus Christ.


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