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Isaiah 3:13: “THE LORD STANDS UP TO PLEAD, AND STANDS TO JUDGE THE PEOPLE.” Church of Jesus Christ! Please listen!!! Our God is calling to us to REPENT.. Repent of personal sin, corporate sin, …of tolerating sin, ….repent of silence in the face of sin….of blindness when rulers sin, ….of fear of being accused of righteousness, which has become sin in this evil world’s eyes. Repent of…believing the lies fed by the world, and unbelief in God’s Truth. Repent of lack of giving our time and efforts to Our Most High Lord God Almighty, but having time for pleasure, leisure, and nothingness. Dear Father, we are on our faces before Your Throne, by the sacrifice of our Saviour, Your Son Jesus Christ…we repent as Your Church of these things, and more….we repent of embracing anything that is not of You….of tolerating anything that is not PURELY of You…..of joining hands with the evil forces and instruments of this world, and of complacency. Give us a fresh look at Your Face, Lord, and awaken Your Church to the evils before us and the Beauty of Your Grace, Love, and Justice.



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