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As I was taking a break from my work outside, on a rainy autumn day, I noticed an eagle sitting on the highest branch of the highest tree. The rain had increased to almost a deluge, every living thing had headed to some type of cover, but there he was, with no shelter.

At first, it looked like an arrowhead, then, as I looked closer, I could see his head, which he had tucked as close as possible to his shoulders. His head blended in with the gray-white sky behind him, as he stood perfectly still most of the time, except for short times of shaking the water off his feathers.

As I watched him, in that pouring rain, I thought, isn’t that the way the Lord wants us to be? The Word is full of comparisons between the Believer and eagles. (See my previous writing, Eagles in God’s Word)

I believe He wants us, too, to be out in the midst of trials, not hiding in our churches in fear.

He wants us out there in whatever His will had put us into, wherever His Spirit has led us, trusting Him, and blending with Him so that what we do, what we are, what we say, what we think blends in with Our Lord’s Will, as this eagle’s head blends in with the heavens behind him.

eagle whole body sitting

This way, people won’t see us, and won’t hear what we say with our minds, because we will be one with the Father, as He wants us to be and as Jesus prayed that we will be.

This eagle didn’t take shelter in worldly things. He was out there looking to the Father, his Creator, looking to the heavens, and trusting God and the armor that He gave him to withstand anything that was in the Father’s will that he would have to endure.

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