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While my husband was in the hospital in Duluth, Mn, his room
was next to a solarium that overlooked Lake Superior and part
of the city. There was such a contrast between the beautiful,
calm lake, with its gentle waves, and the hustle and bustle of
the city streets.

This reminded me of the way Our Lord’s thinking differs from
ours. He always was and always will be….the Alpha and Omega…
He is the same, yesterday, today and forever.
He is patient, and steady, not to mention omniscient, omnipotent
and Omni-present.
His boundaries are undiscernable, like a great water.

AND He is always watching and hoping for us to notice Him!!!!!
He just waits patiently, while the world hustles around…..going
here and there….talking to everyone but Him, it seems.

Even in our Christian work, we sometimes ignore Him….and then
say we’re doing it for Him. But, we cannot do His work if He

Lake MI

hasn’t guided us in it. Then it is our work, and it is imperfect
and tainted by pride and other sin.

He is like a Great Water, just gently rolling, and waiting for us
to slow down, and REALLY come to Him with all of our being, and learn to hear His still, small voice.

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