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Jesus said to His disciples (and us) in Matthew 26:40

”… What, could ye not watch with me one hour?”

“watch WITH Me”—-Not “watch FOR Me”

There’s a big difference, Believers!!!

Where do you see yourself in relation to Jesus?

Does the picture in your mind come up as you standing on earth, in your situation, with what is going on in the nations and the world, looking up, and waiting for Jesus to come and rapture you and your family away, along with other believers? Are you “looking” AT Him in a distant heavenly place?


Do you see yourself, already in “heavenly places” with your Lord?

Are you one with Him, as He prayed for us to be?

Are you totally submitted to the Will of the Father in every detail of your life and that of your descendents, knowing that whatever is His will that we go through, He will be there WITH US, not watching us from afar, but wrapping His Arms around us and our loved ones.

Do you see yourself in His Loving Arms as you go about your daily routine, realizing and understanding in your heart that He is EVER PRESENT with us, no matter what we see around us.

If we don’t see Him this way, ~~~ if we are seeing Him as the God of Heaven only, then it won’t matter what we go through on this earth, because we won’t go through it WITH HIM. I don’t care what I have to go through, as long as I am going through it WITH my Lord, and not only watching FOR Him.

As His Body, we should be so one with Him, (worshiping Him in Spirit and Truth, as He commanded us to,) that we look at the events of this world and grieve WITH HIM. We should be looking and watching the world from His arms, and His viewpoint, which is grief and love from the Father’s heart, rather than the selfish, “me” viewpoint of wanting to be wisked away from it all, making Him less our Lord, and more our servant!!!!!

That attitude, which ignores the truth of the whole of Scripture, ~~ when Christians just shake their heads about the evil in this world, and just want to be taken away from it all, is the spiritual version of the materialistic “name it, claim it” prosperity gospel. It’s the spirit of seeing what we can get from God instead of giving Him the one thing we can give Him…..our total submission!!!!!

So, ask yourself, are you watching FOR Our Lord, or are you watching WITH Him?


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