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Live in the Light of Our Lord


I think we, as Christians should ask ourselves one thing: If we lived during the time Our Lord was on earth, would we be a disciple?

We need to contemplate living at that time.

We’d have our lives, our work, our daily tasks.

Would we be too busy to go and listen to Him?

We may be Jewish, and very strict. We are going to try to please Yaweh in every detail of the law. Some people say He is the Messiah, but there have been false Messiah’s before.

The Pharisees don’t believe in Him, and they are our leaders. Everyone follows them, because they study the law for us so we don’t have to.

Would you, would I, dare to go against the leaders and follow this unknown teacher who speaks against them?

Would you and I recognize God in Him?

Or maybe…

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