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Live in the Light of Our Lord


What is the unpardonable sin? Jesus said in Mt 12:31 and 32, and Mark 3:29 that anyone who blasphemes against the Holy Spirit will never be this world or the next.

Blasphemy is described as insulting the honor of God (the Holy Spirit in this case) by man. Jesus says this is a capitol offense….unforgivable.

The context of the verses in Matthew and Mark is the Pharisees accusing Jesus of casting out demons by the power of satan. This is pretty clear. They have lowered the Holy Spirit to the level of satan…a definite and clear blasphemy. They did this so they would look better to the people….remember their reason.

The other place where the term is used is in Acts chapter 5. The story of Annanias and Saphira. The members of the Christian church at that time voluntarily donated to take care of…

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