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I just listened to a very good preacher on the radio, who did a fantastic job of

bringing out scriptures that show us that God wants us to live above our

circumstances. He is correct, and his scripture quotes were correct.

Our Heavenly Father does want us to live in His Power and not cowering down

in our humanity, but there are two key things that this preacher, along with numerous

others in the church today, didn’t mention, although he touched on it with a tiny

statement at the end of his sermon.

To me, that’s like telling people what is inside this beautiful building, but not

showing them the double door in the front!

If we want God to control our circumstances, save our loved ones, give us peace,

holiness, strength,…..and the list goes on…….what do we have to do first?

We have to go through HIS double doors to get into that magnificent building

where the blessings are displayed for our use.

What are these doors? Knowing Him? If we’re saved, we probably know Who

He is, and have studied His Word.

If we’re saved, we worship Him, go to church, read the Bible, try to live our life

the way we should—-then why aren’t we living a victorious life? Why aren’t our

wishes fulfilled, why don’t we have that spouse, job, child, house, car, health, that

we should have, and that we know God wants us to have? Let’s ask the Ultimate

Authority about that…

God’s first question to that is: “Do you?”

“Do I what?”

“Do you KNOW that I want you to have those things?”

Next thought, “WHAT?! Really? You don’t want me victorious, ‘healthy,

wealthy and wise’?! But, you promised that I could live in heavenly places

here on earth, that Your Glorious life will fill me, and that I can rise above

these things, which means You’ll change them.”

“Did I say you’d get out of them? Did I say I would change them?”

“Sure You did, You said it in: 1John 5:4-5, Romans 8:31-32 and 37,

1 Corinthians 15:57, Philippians 4:19, …..”

“But, did I say I would change them?”

“Yeah….pretty sure You did….”

“Let’s look at the verses you quoted: 1John 5:4-5 says that you will overcome.

That doesn’t mean that you will get your own way in your relationship with your

spouse, or that he/she will change and be more tolerable.”

“No, ….”

“Romans 8:31-32 says that I will be with you even when others are against you.

That doesn’t mean they will always say you are right—in your job, at home, or

anywhere else. You may not be right”


“1 Cor. 15:57 says that you will be victorious through me. Do you know what

victorious means? You already have victory in me.”


“And Philippians 4:19 says I will supply all your needs.”

“Yeah! That’s the one!! I’ve heard that a lot!”

“The keyword here is ‘needs’….Do you see ‘wants’? Check your list and see

which things you cannot live without—on a lower level if need be.”

“OK, OK, but You want us to be above the world—we should be happier, more

peaceful, and joyful than unsaved people……”

“But what brings joy?”

“I don’t know—–I think it comes as a gift from You, after you change our


“No, Child, No!”

“Huh??!! But the preachers say……. (deep, inner thought==I don’t think I like

what’s coming!”

“Bible lesson: What was the lesson Job learned?”

“UM—that his friends weren’t his friends?”


“Oh,….. well….. that he couldn’t make animals, and things like you could?”

“That’s part of it.”

“That You made the Universe, and all that stuff, and it made him feel small?”

“You’re getting warmer….”

“What else? I give up!”

“ I am the only One who could create the Universe, animals, plants, and all

the intricate chemical reactions that take place simultaneously and continuously

in each one, no matter how small, and at the same time, coordinate the universe

with all its laws, (which laws I also created), oversee the interactions of people,

angels, demons leaders, nations, and every tiny and huge thing that happens in

my Universe, and yet…..

YET—-I know every tiny, quickly spurted thought that goes through the minds

of each of My Children. I love them …you…with a love that you could never

imagine. My Son and I devised a plan to offer Salvation to everyone, and

embrace with all our powerful Love those who accepted our offer.”

“Yes, and thank You so very much!!! But why, then, don’t you fix everything for us?”

“Because of that great love!”

“So—-Am I to believe that you love us so much you’ll let us suffer?”


“WHAT???!!! Can’t be!!!”

“Child, My Word says that My ways are above your ways. You could

never understand how I think, my goals for you, or the methods I must use to

accomplish those goals.

My focus is your spirit, spilling out into your soul…. not your possessions.

Not your spouse, job, house or car. My focus is YOU. I have made you a New

Creation when you were saved, but that new creature must take dominance

over your old creature that you were before Salvation.

Sometimes I have to use situations you don’t like to get you to the position

where I can work in you to subdue the old creature and bring out the new.

This is too complicated for you to understand, but I said all that to say this,

my Child…..

I will show you the double doors to the victorious life …. not the one your

old creature envisions, with everything and everybody exactly the way you

want them to be, but the life that My Eyes envision for you…which, you will

see, is far far better!

Those double doors are REPENTANCE AND SUBMISSION.”

“Thank You, Lord, I see now that You want to change ME, and if you change

my circumstances, I will know that that will be Your will. I submit everything

to You and most of all, I submit MY WILL to unite with YOUR WILL. Please

help me to stay within Your will and hear You and obey you”

Plain and simple…..Its the lesson Job learned, and the one Abraham and all

the people in the “cloud of witnesses” spoken of in Hebrews 12:1-3 and listed in

Hebrews 11.

Many preachers point to faith (also mentioned in Hebrews 11) as the door to

the victorious life, but Faith is not the the door to the beautiful building, it is

the PRODUCT of experiencing the building!!!

This is important to remember!!!

We cannot generate faith in ourselves. It is a gift from God, after we decide

to accept Him as Lord and totally submit to Him.

Through these doors, REPENTANCE AND SUBMISSION, we enter the

beautiful building of being in the right position with Our Lord And Saviour.

If we each day keep our old selves in submission to our new selves (who we

are as the new creation after salvation, which is guided by Our Lord and one

with Him), we will be not only ONE WITH HIM, but we will also be ABIDING

IN HIM. He will also help us with this.

This magnificent building with all its glory is OUR LORD, and we must daily

go in through the double doors to make sure we are still ABIDING IN THE

LORD, as He abides in us, and guides us through the Holy Spirit.

He does not expect us to be always perfect. He knows we cannot. If we could,

He would not have had to have a Plan of Salvation.

But, what He does expect is for us to keep our minds in as constant a state as

possible in focusing on abiding in Him, and keeping our old selves on the cross,

as it was crucified with Him on the cross, but will not fully die until we go to live

with Him.

It is up to us to keep our wills submitted to His will, and ask Him to keep our

old selves held tightly to that cross no matter how much it squirms to get loose.

Our old self must not ever take dominance, and if it does momentarily, we need

to repent, and re-submit our wills to Our Lord, and crucify our flesh again.

This is why James spoke so much about the tongue. Words are powerful

and are a part of the being—whether that Being is God or us. If we speak

the words of our former selves, we are opening the door for the enemy in

our lives, and our submission to Our Lord, which is so critical for our

relationship with Him, will be eroded.

Let us always come back and walk through those two double doors


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