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Deception doesn’t only come to sinful and unsaved people. We, as Christians, are even more vulnerable to deception, because we want to please our Lord, and the demons are working to make that not happen. We need to check EVERYTHING against the PURE WORD OF GOD, not just church doctrine, and we must be always in contact with the Holy Spirit, and always willing to be corrected by Him. Paul said in Galatians 1:8: “But though we, or an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel unto you than that which we have preached unto you, let him be accursed.”

“the deceptions will be small, but the consequences will be great”

These are the simple, but very important words from Our Lord concerning the times we live in and the future.

We see the great deviations from God’s Word and His Laws…homosexuality, abortion, crime, etc., and its easy to see the line between believers and non believers. Its easy to see what God favors and what He hates.

But there are issues within “our side” of things where the gap isn’t so wide.
With the focus now of unity, globalism, tolerance, etc. its imperative that we discern what fits those ideas and what doesn’t.

Jesus told us to follow the “strait and narrow road” that leads to life. In other words, any deviation from that would necessarily lead to death. There are many so called Christian denominations. Lets look at this. If every one of them was strictly following the Bible to the letter, without adding their own laws, rules, and interpretations, and if every one of them was letting their members discern from the Mind of Christ what the Word said, and if every one of their members was, indeed, listening fully to the Still, Small Voice of God, then why are there so many denominations? We should all be believing the same in every detail, and agreeing in every detail with the Word of God!!!

Isn’t that right?

So why isn’t that happening?


Satan has always been working in the Church, but now, since he has been loosed to a greater degree, he has more deceptive powers.
Do you think he will tempt believers to hate God? Or maybe to become a mass murderer? Not likely, he works with us through our faith. He flatters us into thinking we have it altogether with our relationship with Our Lord. Then he slips in a little, tiny wrinkle into the doctrines. Just a little difference…it won’t make anyone stumble, its hardly perceptible. Who cares about the minor doctrines anyway.

Just change a word or two in the modern Bible translations to chip away and create just a tiny question about the Diety of Christ, for instance. Or just a teeny tiny crack hinting at our becoming gods (after all, its in the Bible, “you shall be as gods”……..)

Or in our private lives….just a little lean to the left…just to fit in with our friends…Jesus understands…He was a man once, after all.

Our lives in these times are on a pinnacle. A little lean to the left will leave us off balance, to be grabbed by demonic and deceptive forces and dragged down. We don’t have the luxury of doing that like we thought we did before.
Things are moving too fast to take even a quick glance away from Our Dear Lord.

The demonic suggestions and deceptions will be far more subtly deceiving than ever before in the history of mankind. Already we see good being called evil, and evil good, as God warned in the book of Isaiah. He said woe to anyone who does that. If we don’t stick to the center of the path of God, we may be one of those who calls good evil and evil, good, as we slip, ever so slightly, off the slippery side of the mountain trail.

God gave us His Beloved Word to guide us through these deceptions. Study it, read it, listen to it, inhale it, and know Him through His Word so you will know Him so intimately that you will immediately recognize any slight deviation from God’s thinking.

Talk to the Lord and listen to Him in your spirit. Never take your relationship with Him for granted….We are continuously going astray and sabotaging our relationship with the King…add to that the outside deception, and you can see that it is so necessary to constantly be on our face before Him in repentance, and asking Him to clean us out of any evil.

This isn’t just good advice, Christians….this is eternal life-saving necessity!

We can’t afford to relax even a moment in these times!!!!! Always be alert to what He is telling you….for yourself, your loved ones, and the world!!!

God Bless you!!!


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