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There are, as they say, “times that try men’s souls”

Our world is in such times. Evil is flourishing, and many of the good and powerful people are silent.

As Christians, we are not to sit back idly and watch as many are lost and swept away with wave after wave of deception. It is our duty to spend much time alone with Our Lord to find out if , when, and how we can speak.

Many of us are not called to speak publicly. But, each of us does have a job assigned to us in the Kingdom of God on this earth. Intercessory prayer is always needed, and it helps us grow in our relationship to Our Lord, as well as lifting others up to the Lord so He can help them gain a pathway for their spiritual growth. We will only know what we should do, and how we should pray by spending every available moment in connection with the Lord through His Word and our Spirits— BUT ONLY after wholehearted repentance.

The reason repentance is necessary every time, even when we are saved and forgiven,  is because there is, and will be, much more spiritual deception, demonic powers disguising themselves as the Holy Spirit. If, when we commune with the Lord, we first repent with all our hearts, bind and reject the devil in the Name of Jesus, and pray for protection from deception, (both from ourselves and demonic powers ) we can be sure it is the Lord showing us His desires. If what we perceive as words from the Lord does not line up with Holy Scripture, then it is not from the Lord. If it pumps us up with pride, it is not from the Lord. The Lord will show us His Love and Grace, and maybe assure us that we are being obedient, but never will He instill pride of ourselves in us. We are, after all, “unprofitable servants” who are beloved of our Master, Father and Brother. That is more than enough for one who loves the Lord with all their heart!

Our God does not treat us like house plants, keeping us warm so nothing hurts us on our journey. On the contrary, He shows us how to withstand the (physical and spiritual) wind, rain, cold and heat, and strengthens us, so that in the end we are truly His!

Psalm 18:28

For thou wilt light my candle: the Lord my God will enlighten my darkness.”

As we keep our eyes on Jesus Christ in every detail of our lives, knowing He is in control, we will come to know His Still Small Voice and rest assured to be guided in every decision without agonizing over whether we’re hearing Him or not.

We will see, more and more, those times when things—even the smallest of things—just come out perfectly timed, or perfectly counted.

As we thank Him for those little guidances, we open the door for Him to guide us in bigger and more important things, including work for His Kingdom.

This world is in darkness, and it will be more so as time goes on, because the devil is released to deceive more and more. BUT, as the Word promises, the Holy Spirit will also increase in these times, and we will hear His Voice!!! We are in the time spoken of in Joel 2:28:

And it shall come to pass afterward, that I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh; and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, your young men shall see visions;”

We must always keep in the spirit, by always knowing that Jesus “walks with us, and talks with us, and tells us we are His own….” We need to communicate with Him as He is walking with us.

We also need to read His Word often so we know how He thinks, what He is likely to say to us, and what He will never say.

All this helps us to know Him enough to fully hear and understand when He speaks to us personally.

Lord, please show us how to think and what to do about the things that are happening in the world today. Enlighten Your people, Heavenly Father, as to how these things fit in Your Word and into our lives. Please give us Your Wisdom and discernment as we desire Your forgiveness in gratitude. Please, Lord, create in us a clean heart, and renew a right spirit within us. (Ps 51:10) Enlighten our darkness, Lord, we pray.

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