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There is a phrase that all true Christians, all denominations, even some cults, say, read, memorize, but I wonder how many really think about it. It’s the phrase that says that the Word of God was made flesh. The Word of God that He created all things with, the Word with which He just spoke every tiny and huge thing into existence, and then He said, He saw that it was good. On each day, it was good, until the last day of creation, after He created man in His image, and gave him dominion over the animals and all creation, then He said, “It is very good”. He declared a day of rest, not that He needed to rest, but, as a sign to mankind.

As we look at tiny bugs, and tiny mammals, and realize that they have organs, and chemical reactions, hormones, and functioning brains and nervous systems, just like huge animals, that was all created by Words. We speak of the work of God’s hands. This is just a way of making creation easier for us to identify with, since the only way we know is to work with our hands. But He did it all, and still does it all by the Word of His mouth.

That Word which comes from God is Jesus Christ. God’s Word became a living man, died for our sins, right out of the Mouth of God. At the crucifixion, when the Father had to turn His back on the Son, because He became sin, not only did the Father have to turn from His Beloved Son, He had to turn from His own Words—as the Truth that Jesus spoke (and was) accomplished the victory over the kingdom of darkness.

The Godhead was split apart, for a time. The earth trembled, the sun ceased to shine, He never lost His power, He never lost His wisdom, strength, or any of His attributes, but the Word was working a different miracle for mankind and the heavenly kingdom. The devils knew it and trembled, and creation felt it but didn’t understand it.

This is something we’ll never understand in our humanity. Hopefully, in eternity we’ll be able to understand some of it by the grace of God. But let’s think about one thing in our lifetime concerning these things:

If our words would become a person, what would that person be like? Something to ponder and pray about.

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