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GOD’S WORD FOR OCTOBER 5 ~ ~ Isaiah 50:7 AMP ~ ~ “For the Lord God helps Me,
Therefore, I have not been ashamed or humiliated. Therefore, I have made My face like flint,
And I know that I shall not be put to shame. “ We have come to the time that we must stand for Truth in all forms. We need to expose evil where we see it. We are told in the Word to bring evil deeds to light. Whatever God’s will is for that, we will accept it as His will, but as Christians, we should expose evil-doers when we know about it, and stand on the Word of God. We may be humiliated in some peoples’ eyes in this world, but we will be on God’s side throughout, by His grace. Please, Lord, show us the way in this evil world, and keep our eyes on Jesus, the Author and Finisher of our faith. Give us the strength and wisdom to know what to do, when, and to hear Your commands. In Jesus’ wonderful and powerful name, amen.

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