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There are 332 specific detailed prophesies in the Old Testament which Jesus perfectly fulfilled. These were written hundreds of years before He was born. These men could have known nothing about what was coming. For instance, crucifixion was unheard of in Old testament days, but both David and Isaiah described in detail what Jesus went through.

Since the Jews rejected Him as their Messiah, their eyes were blinded for the purpose of allowing gentiles, like us, to reap the benefits of Him as our Messiah. In the end, their eyes will again be opened, and we will both worship Him together as Savior or Messiah.

When He was born, very very few people realized what was happening. Life was what it was. Most people in Jerusalem were miffed about having to travel all the way there to register for the census, except, probably the innkeepers, and others who made money from the people. They were happy.

So another baby was born. No one noticed, no one cared. A poor baby born to a poor family, so what’s new? The innkeeper was too busy, he just sent them away.

The rest of the world didn’t even know that much.

Jesus was born for one purpose—–to die. He was born to die in order to save us from dying.

When no one noticed He was born, the unseen spirit world was in an uproar. Angels knew what was happening. Satan may or may not have known the details then, but he saw and heard the angels singing, and knew something was up. He enticed Herod to try to kill Him, just in case, but failed.

30 years later, when Jesus suffered and died for each one of us, again, few people knew what was happening. The apostles really didn’t understand it yet then. Satan was delighted, because he was sure he won. He was watching for that chance since that first Christmas. There was an eclipse, the huge

curtain that divided the the Holy of Holies from the rest of the Temple, was torn from top to bottom. Given the way it was made and the shear weight of it, being interwoven with gold, and weighing a number of tons, Only God could do that.

It was 60 feet high 30 feet wide, made in one piece except for a man-size slit at the bottom. It was about one inch thick and was so massive and heavy that it took 300 priests to open it just enough so the High Priest could slip through once a year to sprinkle the blood from the sacrifice on the Mercy Seat.

That told the whole story for us. God was telling us that now, because of the sacrifice of Jesus, the true Lamb of God, anyone can come to the Father if we have accepted His substitution. His blood is on the Mercy Seat now, instead of the blood of the killed lamb that the high priest sprinkled once a year, besides the daily sacrifices.

But no one at that time comprehended the significance of that. The peoples’ eyes, ears and minds could not comprehend what was happening. Yet, in the spirit world, the uproar of His birth was like a pin-dropping, compared with the upheaval at the time of His death. Satan was defeated, Death was dead, and those who would accept it, have eternal life. Jesus said, as He hung dying, “It is finished”—-the plan of Salvation is finished. But no one knew that. They saw two thieves and another false preacher hanging on the crosses on the hill. Just another day in the Roman Empire.

Now, in our time,

The spirit world is again booming. It is again in an upheaval. The end times are coming. Maybe soon by our standards, maybe soon by God’s standards, no one knows exactly when, but satan is obviously working up a lather because he knows his time is short. He knows the Bible. He knows the end of himself, but he doesn’t know when.

Angels are all around us. Both kinds. Battles are being fought, and the outcomes of those battles depends largely on our decisions and attitudes toward spiritual things. People don’t realize how important each of us is in the spiritual world. God knows. So does satan. That should be enough for us to wake up.

We need to develop our spiritual senses to see what is happening around us. Most importantly, we need to make sure we’re saved. Salvation is a gift. But like any other gift, it does no good until it is received, opened, and used.

Like a person given freedom from death row, if we don’t walk out that cell door, we’ll die needlessly, suffer forever. We will live forever somewhere. It’s our choice to make that place heaven or hell. Hell is worse than death.

Dear Lord, Please open the spiritual eyes of every person, and show us that You are knocking at the door of our heart—-either to make You the Lord of our life, and free us from our sins, or, if we are already saved, to show us how important it is to live entirely for You. Help the unsaved to know that eternity is forever, and there are no second chances. Like You did for Elisha’s servant, open our eyes to see the chariots of fire, and the angelic battles that are all around us, unseen by our bodily eyes. Thank You for salvation, creation, and for Your continued love and guidance in every detail of our lives. Amen

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