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GOD’S WORD FOR MARCH 26 ~ ~ Psalm 68:13……… like the wings of a dove covered with silver, And her feathers with yellow gold.” I ran across this one day….. “After the ride, we headed to Tom Sawyer’s Island, for those of you who know it by its old name. After going through the caves, climbing the rocks, crossing the crazy bridges, and enjoying some of the peaceful nature hidden on it, we sat waiting for the barge to come to get us and return us to the mainland.


A hummingbird just across from us started flitting about feeding from flower to flower while airborne hitting 80 wing flaps per second. As dozens of people filed by us without a person giving our aerodynamic wonder a second of praise, I quipped, “It’s amazing to me that so many can be excited about one of the brainless robots here at Disneyland and not see the wonder of one right in front of them that self assembles and is a million times more complex! What a mission we have to help people see the hidden staggering wonder!”

Yep. What an exciting mission we have!

When you see God’s creations that is God-assembled and you see them do amazing things, realize again and again that their exquisiteness is meant by the Lord to send us a profoundly wonderful hidden message, “I, the Creator of all things think about you constantly. I love you deeply. Don’t worry about anything. I am wholly aware and wholly able. NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE FOR ME. I will do what has never entered your mind. TRUST ME.”

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