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GOD’S WORD FOR APRIL 8 ~ ~ Psalm 86:8 ~ ~ “…There is none like You, O Lord; neither are there any works like Your works.” We have painted turtles around here, and they are native much farther north also. We’d have them for pets for the summer, then let them go in fall, never to see them again, and not knowing if they lived or died. Here are some amazing facts about those beautiful creatures, and about the God we serve:

They hatch in late summer, and stay buried in the ground all winter. They’re resting place is very shallow, so it freezes solid. But God in His wisdom, has even created the painted turtle with amazing characteristics.

As the turtle freezes, his blood circulation concentrates on the heart and brain. Eventually, of course, they will also freeze solid. If you found one, you’d see that there is no breathing, no heartbeat, and you’d assume he is dead. But, unknown to us, his Creator is still keeping a tiny bit of electrical activity going in the frozen brain. Normally, when living cells freeze, long sharp ice crystals puncture the cell membrane, which kills each cell. But, again, his Creator protected him from that, and gave him a special protein which is made in his liver, and circulated to every cell, which prevents these ice crystals from forming. These are clearly not things that could “evolve” at all, much less before the turtles became extinct. They could only have been put in place by a loving and wise Creator. There is only ONE!!!

If He cares about the little baby turtles, who’s only use is eating flies, how much do you think He cares about you, who He prepared a special place for, to live for eternity with Him?!!! If you accept His substitution for your sins, you will see wonders you can’t even imagine. Why take the risk of ignoring Him? Father, please show readers Your great love for Your people!!! Please draw them to Your Son Jesus Christ. Send Your Spirit into their hearts to give them the knowledge of You through salvation by Jesus, in whose perfect name we pray, praising You forever! Amen

John 6:44 ~ ~

“No one can come to Me unless the Father who sent Me draws him; and I will raise him up at the last day.”

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