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GOD’S WORD FOR MAY 1 ~ ~ Zechariah 4:10 ~ ~ “For who has despised the day of small things.”

Sulfate-reducing bacteria are responsible for much of the deterioration of metal objects.

They are little one-cell chemists, and capable of making a one-sixteenth-of-an-inch hole in an I

inch thick pipe within six months.

They attach themselves even to wet surfaces, like the inside of a pipe or tank, and seal

themselves off from the liquid present. Then they form hydrogen gas, which accumulates under

the protective layer, and is absorbed by the metal. This causes corrosion of the metal, thus

the loss.

This is another example of simple organisms that produce complex chemical reactions, resulting

in the destruction of man’s claim of his brilliance and power. The little one-cell organisms could

potentially destroy millions of dollars worth of property, and even cost lives in accidents.

This is another way Almighty God humbles man’s works.

Mankind in general thinks too much of itself. Just like the tiny bacteria ruin man’s pride and joy,

so does just one tiny sin keep us from deserving heaven. There is no forgiveness any other way than

giving our lives to Jesus in thanksgiving for what He did for us. Some religions claim we can

clear our sins by confessing them to another human who has a position in the church, but Jesus condemned human rituals like this as abominations to God, and monuments to the pride of man. Only God can forgive sins, and only when we take the right position for that to happen, bypassing false human rituals, repenting of our sin, and accepting His substitution for our punishment. Then we

will live in harmony with Him as our true Lord.

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