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GOD’S WORD FOR MAY 8 ~ ~ Genesis 6:19 ~ ~ “And of every living thing, two of every sort shalt you bring into the ark.”

Note: God didn’t expect Noah to scour the earth and catch the wild animals to bring them into the ark.

They just came, two by two. Their creator called them. Just like He called the fish to come to the net of Peter and the rest when they were fishing. (Luke 5, and John 21). His creatures obey Him.

When He walked on water, He had to have commanded the water molecules to bind together under Him. They, too obeyed their Master and Creator. It is only Man that is too prideful to obey!!!

The truth of the worldwide flood is one of the basic foundational Truths of the Bible. Along with the Resurrection of Jesus, it is the most lied about and “critiqued” Truths. If the enemy can discredit these two, the entire Bible is useless. If he can get people to doubt God’s Word in anything at all, many people will be lost.

But we know that every word in the Bible is true, and not only by our faith in it, but by physical fact.

The enemy spews lies, and people, in their ignorance of God’s word, believe it. Most are too busy with the things of this world to actually study to find out the Truth. Sadly, that will bring them down the slippery slope to eternal torment.

Let’s address some of those doubts and lies that have been planted, and put them into the light of God’s Word:

Some say that it would be impossible to get two of every animal on the ark. Big as it was, it would not hold them.

Their error is in not reading what God said, and not thinking about when this happened. First of all, only air breathing animals had to go into the ark. Fish, whales, insects, amphibians, and the like, would do fine in the water.

The word “kind” means animals of one species, animals who could not interbreed with another species. For instance, only two “dog” kind of individuals were needed. Later they would develop into different sub-kinds like wolves, coyotes, foxes, dingoes, domestic dogs……

Same with cattle, birds, reptiles etc.

Looking at it realistically, the intelligent estimate is about 16,000 animals, most the size of a sheep or smaller. Remember, large animals and reptiles were probably taken as babies or even eggs, but as we see the size of the ark, even they would have fit!

To get an idea of the size of the ark, (which took over 100 years to build with at least 3 men working full time) can be better comprehended with these comparisons:

First of all, it had to be big to be stable with the violent convulsions of the oceans rushing onto land, while at the same time, the waters in the sky (not rain—–but actual ocean-like water in the atmosphere) poured violently down, the created “canopy” of Genesis having been ruptured by God and dumped upon earth.

The water covered the TALLEST mountain by 22 feet!! That’s probably where the ark would have gotten caught and settled to await the drying process. So the water had to total over 29,050 feet above see level, or 5.5 miles. Stop and think about that!

Noah’s ark was 450 feet long, that’s 100 feet longer than a football field, and 218 feet longer than a Boeing 747.

It’s volume (cubic footage) could hold:

55,000 species of animals,

7,453,506 soccer balls

It’s square footage:

could hold 71,620 pizza’s, which would be one pizza a day for 196 years!

Almost two White Houses (ark= 100,000 sq. ft White House = 55,000 sq ft)

So, again, as always, the facts blow the lies “out of the water” (so to speak)


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