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GOD’S WORD FOR MAY 10 ~ ~ Psalm 136:25~ ~ “Who gives food to all flesh, For His mercy endures forever.”

Sometimes small mammals live in tight-knit communities. The largest known community is that of the Mexican free-tailed bats in Bracken Cave near San Antonio, Texas. There are approximately 20 million bats that winter in Mexico, mate in the spring, and raise their young in Texas.

Only the females migrate to Texas. They fly at 40 miles per hour at an altitude of 8,000-10,000 feet.

They carry the sperm, but don’t become pregnant until they reach Bracken Cave without the males.

Four months later they give birth to a single pup each. About 20 million mothers and pups, but each mother can find her pup within a matter of seconds.

To feed these noisy and hungry pups, each mother leaves the cave and flies up to 60 miles, eating her total weight in insects. After five hours of this, she will return and feed her pups and rest for three hours. She goes out and does the same thing over and over.

The problem, if this were “evolution,” would be that the normal insects don’t contain enough fat to provide for the mother’s activity and to properly feed the pup.

But, since this isn’t “evolution,” but creation by a Loving God, He times the greatest needs of the young bats with a particular local ant in Texas that grows wings at that time. They are very rich in the fats and nutrients that the bats need. They are abundant in the bats’ hunting airspace at that time, exactly, and at no other time.

Now, “scientists” please tell us how it “just happens” that the female bats migrate at the right time, don’t get pregnant until the right time, without the males present, and the ants are in the perfect stage of life for nutrition for the bats just at the right time and place!!! This couldn’t happen in evolution!!!

Nehemiah 9:6 ~ ~ “You alone are the Lord, You made the heavens…the earth and all that is on it …You give life to everything.”

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