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GOD’S WORD FOR JUNE 27 ~ ~ Isaiah 48:13 ~ ~ “Indeed My hand has laid the foundation of the earth, And My right hand has stretched out the heavens; When I call to them, They stand up together.”

Job 9:7

He commands the sun, and it does not rise; He seals off the stars;

All of creation obeys its Creator! Both old and new testaments show the marvels of the obedience of nature to the Word of God.

In Joshua 10:13,we’re told about the longest day, when Joshua’s army was fighting the Amorites in defense of the city of Gibeon.

“So the sun stood still, And the moon stopped, Till the people had revenge Upon their enemies” The sun and the moon obediently stopped in their orbits and made time stand still until the Lord said to return to their orbits. Earlier, one of the plagues He put on Egypt was three days of total darkness, so the sun obeyed and didn’t shine for three days at the command of the Mighty Creator.

Water molecules obey their Creator. The Red Sea and the Jordan River both parted for the children of Israel to go through on dry land. The molecules of the water in the Sea of Galilee “held hands” and upheld Jesus as He walked across the water surface. Jesus calmed the storms on Galilee more than once, by the Word of His mouth. The components of nature gladly obeyed in worship. The molecules of water in the water jars at the wedding in Cana gave way to molecules of the finest wine at the command of the Master, and, of course, the entire upper canopy of water above the earth gave way to create the flood, along with the oceans staying within their boundaries at the command of the Creator of the universe. Water turned to blood as one of the plagues of Egypt. Every molecule flowing in the Nile River changed in obedience. Every molecule of water, in big or small quantities, naturally know and obey their Creator. How much more every other created thing.

Fish came together by the side of Peter’s boat twice at the command of the Master, one fish carried a Roman coin which Jesus took out of its mouth for a lesson to His disciples, and fish cells, along with bread crumbs were multiplied at the command of Jesus, the Lord of Life sustaining food for the people listening to Him. This happened twice.

God the Mighty Creator controlled the breeding program of Jacob’s sheep during his stint working under his wicked father in law, Laban. The sheep obeyed the Lord in where to go at what time and which rams to be with. All to show the Creator’s power in all areas of Creation and in profiting His people.

God uses animals to help His people in many ways. After his episode with Ahab and Jezebel, Elijah was exhausted and starving, but God commanded Ravens to bring him bread and meat every morning and bread and meat every evening until he was recovered.

When the Philistines wanted to return the Ark of the Covenant to Israel to free themselves of the plagues because of it in 1Samuel, they put it on a cart, and attached two milk cows to it, who had recently calved, after having taken their calves from them. Only their Creator could make these cows painfully loaded with milk, leave their hungry, bellering calves behind, with no one driving them. But they obeyed, bellering back to their calves the entire way, but nevertheless, gladly obeying their Creator. They returned the Ark to Beth Shemesh where Joshua and his men were harvesting wheat. The cows stopped in the field, just where God told them to. They were exhausted, in pain for their milk, worrying about their calves, and very hungry, but they obeyed in every detail. They gave their lives for their obedience, also. The men used the cart to build a fire, and sacrificed the cows as a thank offering to God for the return of the Ark. This shows simple, sacrificial obedience, even in some of the simplest of God’s Created creatures. This happened with every sacrifice offered throughout thousands of years. Calves, bulls, birds, all quietly obeying their Master to the death.

Every animal specimen of the known world at the time of the flood obeyed their Creator in a very timely manner, as they paired up as He directed, and walked, He only knows how far, from their native area, directly to the Ark, and right in the door, probably going directly to the area assigned by God for each for the next year. They didn’t know what it was for, they weren’t being baited by food. Each of them were simply told by God to obey, and they did. It’s a simple concept, but they knew it instinctively. After all, what is instinct but the Creator telling each animal what to do?

Then there were the smaller animals that He used to produce the plagues on Egypt. The frogs, lice, locusts, and flies all showed up, as He guided them, or else He created millions of them, then suddenly made them disappear, die or leave the area. In any case, they went where He told them to, for as long as He told them to, doing what frogs, lice, locusts and flies do.

Jesus said if we didn’t praise Him, the stones would cry out in praise. Even the minerals know Him!

He healed, brought to life, cast out demons, and every created thing, including demons, obeyed their Creator, either willingly or not, but they all, including the demons, know His power and authority.

He also put diseases onto people. He put boils on the Egyptians as one of the plagues. He gave Miriam leprosy, then healed it when she repented of her accusations against Moses. All living things will obey Him because He made them. Every cell in living beings is alive, and knows its Creator.

Even the fig tree dried up and died after Jesus made a rather casual comment that it never have fruit forever.


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