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GOD’S WORD FOR JULY 9 ~ ~ Psalm 148: 7&10~ ~ “Praise the LORD from the earth, you great sea creatures and all the depths… beasts and all cattle; creeping things and flying fowl…”

There are animals we love, some we hate, some we don’t care, some we fear. But it’s not just about what we think about them. Their Creator has a much bigger plan for them, most of which we will never know in this life.

For instance, the Komodo dragon, which can reach 400 pounds, can outrun a man, and is very deadly.

Even a simple bite will be fatal in 72 hours without immediate treatment. That’s because its saliva has 52—count ’em—-52 different strains of deadly bacteria in it at all times.

When bitten, the victim develops blood poisoning quickly from the inch-long jagged teeth which tear the flesh to provide more open surface for more access to the bloodstream per bite. The dragon simply takes a nap, waiting for his victim to die, then goes to eat it, because he can smell the blood for at least two miles

That would put this guy on both the hate and fear lists of animals in our minds. What is this thing good for, as far as we are concerned? Well, in His great wisdom, God has given us, in the Komodo dragon, a life saver for people with difficult bacteria to conquer with the antibiotics we now have.

Because of its treacherous teeth, the dragon frequently tears its own gums when eating, thus getting all that bacteria, meant for his victims, into his own bloodstream. Still, it never gets infected! This has been the focus of a lot of studies, and recently a breakthrough has come about, and is being tested in mice.

It seems that the Komodo has a certain protein molecule in its bloodstream that immediately kills all of those 52 unrelated strains of bacteria!!!!! This could save many hundreds of thousands of people every year!!!!

It’s hard to understand the ways of God. He could have shown scientists another form of antibiotic, but He chose to let the Komodo Dragon glorify his creator with this contribution!

In the church, there are all kinds of people with varying reactions to each other. In the Body of Christ there is no room for opinion or emotion concerning each other. We love and respect each other because of Christ. We never know how He is using each one. Sometimes we don’t know ourselves. But He knows, and we each are responsible to nurture our relationship with Him so that we can be guided by Him in doing what He has for us to contribute.

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