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GOD’S WORD FOR DECEMBER 12 ~ ~ Psalm 44:1b~ ~ “We have heard with our ears, O God, our fathers have told us, [what] work thou didst in their days, in the times of old.”

How old did the Earth look five years after the creation? Geologists tell us that it takes hundreds of thousands of years to wear down new rock into sand and soil and for the sea to cut a beach. If this was true, one would not expect to see beaches or soil on an Earth that was only five years old. Or would we?

Off the coast of Iceland, over 300 feet below the surface of the ocean, hot volcanic rock began to seep into the cold ocean water in 1963. By 1967, over half a cubic mile of new, hot rock had formed a brand new island where there had once been only ocean. This new island was named Surtsey.

The following summer, scientists arrived on the island to study it. They found that a basalt cliff on the beach had been eroded over 300 feet inland by the sea in less than five years. They found that several parts of the island already had terraced beaches up to 300 feet wide. On the north side of the island, they found that newly formed sand had formed a sand bar that extended almost 1,000 feet out from the original island.

If geologists had not known that Surtsey was less than five years old, they would have guessed that the island was thousands or even hundreds of thousands of years old. After all, many geologists, rejecting the biblical account of a young creation, have used features such as sand beaches to try to prove that the Earth is millions of years old!

It takes far more faith to believe what the “scientists” are telling us about our home planet, than it is to believe what the Creator of not only this planet, but the Universe and all that’s in it, has been telling us!!! After all, what He tells us in His Word dovetails perfectly with what we see before our eyes!!!!

Thank You Father, that You have determined the Holy Spirit guide the writing of Your Word for all time. Thank You that in that Word You have told us that the evidence is right before our eyes, right under our feet, and right over our heads, in plain sight. Yet, many cannot see it. They will not see it because they don’t want to see it. We ask that You open the eyes of the spiritually blind. Let them see You in Your creation, and in Your sacrifice for the great Love You have for Your people!!! We ask this in the precious name of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, Your dear Son. Amen

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