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GOD’S WORD FOR DECEMBER 27 ~ ~ 2 Peter 3:18 ~ ~ “But grow in grace, and in the knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. To him be glory both now and for ever. Amen.”

I think we, as Christians should ask ourselves one thing: If we lived during the time Our Lord was on earth, would we be a disciple?

We need to contemplate living at that time.

We’d have our lives, our work, our daily tasks.

Would we be too busy to go and listen to Him?

We may be Jewish, and very strict. We are going to try to please Yaweh in every detail of the law. Some people say He is the Messiah, but there have been false Messiah’s before.

The Pharisees don’t believe in Him, and they are our leaders. Everyone follows them, because they study the law for us so we don’t have to.

Would you, would I, dare to go against the leaders and follow this unknown teacher who speaks against them?

Would you and I recognize God in Him?

Or maybe we’d be Gentiles. We’d have our other religion. Would we even care about this Jewish man who is riling up the Jews? We would have our own gods, and satisfied with them.

Would you and I recognize God in Him?

What if we were no religion at all. We didn’t have time for the foolishness of the Jews or the gentiles. We’d believe that this life is all that matters, and we need to do well here.

Would some of the revolutionary things He said, especially against the pharisees, draw us over to hear a little more?

Would you and I recognize God in Him?

We wouldn’t have knowledge through the Holy Spirit, because the Comforter didn’t come until Pentecost probably a few months to a couple years longer. We would have had to recognize His Wisdom on our own, amidst the gossip, opinions, and politics of those around us, and seeing Him in His manhood, just like any other.

Would you and I recognize God in Him?

He is still here, speaking to us all. If we are Christians, we do recognize God in Him, but do we truly follow Him, do we dare to go beyond our church doctrine and see Him truly?

Are you in a church that winks at sin, one that welcomes practicing, unrepentant homosexuals into the leadership of the church, one that is afraid to stand against a sin tolerant public and government?

If so, are you seeing God in Him? Are you seeing the Creator and Judge of the Universe, and not just a loving Savior?

Jesus Christ is our Savior, but, if we aren’t truly repentant and are merely following a pattern and leadership we have been following for years,which isn’t pure before God, then in the end, He will be our Judge, for He is God!

Maybe considering these things prayerfully, will revolutionize our personal relationship with Our Lord and Savior, as we look into His Loving Eyes and hear Him speak to our spirits. He is Savior AND He is Judge.

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