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GOD’S WORD FOR JANUARY 6 ~ ~ I Kings 1:5-53~ ~ “…. Adonijah also was afraid of Solomon…..”

The entire 48 verses tells of how, when King David was old, and he had promised Bathsheba, his wife, that Solomon would reign after him, his other son, Adonijah, made himself king without David’s knowledge. When David heard, he immediately anointed Solomon King, and Adonojah was very fearful, and begged for mercy.

This can be a parallel to the life of a Christian. Jesus is the rightful King, the Lord, of our lives, as Solomon was the rightful king in this historical event. Through our minds, and circumstances of this world, satan, and our old nature (comparable to Adonijah) would like to illegally take the throne, by needling us with thoughts of unbelief, compromise, and sin. When we give in, we are putting the wrong King on the throne We must hold strong to Our Lord.

Notice, when the rightful king was put on the throne, or when we choose Jesus, and God’s Word above temptation, then demonic lies, like Adonijah, must flee. Adonijah didn’t put up a fight, because he knew all along he was not the legal heir to the throne. Satan knows, too, that Jesus is the Lord of your life, and he must also back down once we stand firm on the throne of God.

Sometimes it takes a while, as the Lord teaches and molds us to be completely submitted to His Will, but without that, ….without making Him the Lord of our lives, having confessed and been sorry for our sins, knowing He suffered and died to pay our price for EACH of us personally……..we cannot be saved.

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