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GOD’S WORD FOR JANUARY 12 ~ ~ 1Kings 19:9 ~ ~ “And he came to the cave and lodged there…”

Most of us grew up learning about “cave men”, who were supposed to be not much more advanced than the apes they said they “evolved” from. This was and is, presented to young people as fact.

Archaeology completely disproves this fraud, with tools, musical instruments, parchments, medicines, surgical tools, evidence of entertainment, theater and sports, and religion; wood and metal workers tools, jewelry, and even sewer systems found during that time span. This was the time of the patriarchs of the Jewish people, our brothers and sisters in the Lord. They were not the low-intelligent, grunting, half-apes that our children are still learning about!!! Many were learned and devoted followers of Elohim, the One True God.

In Chapter 10 of Genesis, we find the account of the Tower of Babel, when God confused the language of the people so they had to spread out, disbursing and mixing the genetic pool to keep it from deteriorating, and to keep them from going so far from God that there would be no more chance to come back. As people migrated across the earth, in groups that spoke the same language, some sought shelter in caves as they built ore permanent homes. These are the caves that are found in remains along the way, many with possessions still in them.

In fact, in the Yellow River region of China, some 20 million people still live in caves. They are anything but primitive—-with modern comforts such as plumbing, electricity, cable television, cell phones, and what’s more—they don’t need heat nor air conditioning, being in the ground in the very well packed silty soil, they are warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Christian parents need to correct the false teachings their children are getting about these things in public schools. Even many Christian churches are falling for the lie of evolution, and by it, blaspheming against Elohim, the Creator God, and the Word of God that describes the literal 6 day creation.

Stay with the Word of God. He cannot lie——–man does!!!!!

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