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JANUARY 26 ~ ~ Psalm 139:14~ ~ “I will praise you; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvellous are your works; and that my soul knows right well.”

Hyaluronic acid is a complex sugar that is found in the bodies of all animals and man. It is the most effective lubricant known. Man has not been able to match it. Besides that, it can absorb shock and return to its original shape like nothing else known.

Hyaluronic acid was created by God for most living things. It lubricates your joints, and protects delicate tissues in your eyes.

Of course, the cosmetic industry was quick to latch on it for a money-maker, and they have added it to some cosmetics, skin moisturizers and shaving creams, which raises the price for the medical uses. Medically, it is used in eye surgery to help the eye keep its shape and to protect eye tissues. The problem is, the hyaluronic acid used in eye surgery costs millions of dollars per pound. Medical researchers believe that lubricating arthritic joints with hyaluronic acid would restore lubrication and ease the causes of joint pain. Research continues on less expensive methods for making hyaluronic acid, but the quality may not be there.

When people forget how fearfully and wonderfully God has created us, it’s easy to reduce the wonders of the value of the human body to a few dollars worth of chemicals. Surely this is not the thankless attitude we should express to others.

The human body cannot and should not be reduced in thinking to economic levels. We are made in the image of God, and fearfully and wonderfully made. We should all be in awe of how God has created not only human bodies, but every living, and non living thing in creation.

But the world will always put their spin on what God has done, like Simon in chapter 8 of Acts, who wanted to pay for the Holy Spirit and miracles. God’s creation is not for sale!!! His materials are not for sale!!! But, what many people, even in the church, don’t understand, is that His salvation is not for sale. Church attendance, singing, good works, prayers, and sacraments are abominations to Him when people want to “trade” them for salvation. This is not any better than Simon attempted in Acts 8. Of course we want to, and should, do all that after we’re saved to bring glory to God. But we can pay nothing for salvation.

Jesus said “It is finished”, and it is! You have only to reach out on your knees and take it, then show others the way.

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