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GOD’S WORD FOR JANUARY 28 ~ ~ Job 5:11~ ~ “To set up on high those that be low; that those which mourn may be exalted to safety.”

The Paw Paw plant isn’t impressive, and is quite common. It’s not greatly valued, and grows along the east coast, a custard-like fruit, which is mildly poisonous to insects until ripe. The twigs are toxic all year round. This is to prevent them from being eaten before they are ripe, and the seeds are ready to grow.

Tests suggest that the chemical that causes this may provide powerful, new anti-cancer drugs and a powerful, safe insecticide. Scientists at Purdue University believe this is possible because the extract is active, which means it could be used as medicine.

As a result of these successful tests, scientists found at least seven chemicals that may prove useful against cancer. The most powerful is a million times more effective against cancer than the leading anti-cancer drug in use today. In addition, they discovered a powerful, natural insecticide that is effective against a wide range of plant pests.

The Creator God sometimes uses the lowliest of His creation to accomplish what He wants.

He does the same with His people. We are quite lowly indeed. We are of the “common sort”.

Still, He, being the Express Image of God, and having all the Glory of Heaven, took off His robe of Glory, put on the grimy robe of humanity, and came down to the lowly—no, the ultra lowly—estate of manhood. Sinful manhood….

In a poor family….. To be disgraced and hated….. That alone would be an unspeakable condescension, were He, as Creator of everything in the massive Universe, all the laws of nature, every living and non living cell and atom in existence, to live and grovel for food in this sin and disease-ridden world, in a vulnerable human body. That alone would be the most amazing, loving, merciful thing the Eternal, All-Powerful God could do.

But, He did so much more—-Let’s let our hearts dig deeper. He was pushed around, stomped and spit upon, whipped until the bones on the “cat-o-nine-tails” dug and ripped into His muscles until they were just shreds hanging onto bare bones, aggravated to further torture by the crusty blood drying in the mid-day sun.—– Insane thirst that racked his mind—–. Pain we could not imagine—-in the One True God, Elohim—the Almighty One—————- His body reduced to what He tells us through Isaiah, did not even look like a man anymore!!! The sculptures and paintings in churches have “whitewashed” the true view of how He looked, and therefore, of what He went through. We cannot imagine it!!!! We cannot imagine what the God of Heaven and Earth went through at the hands of His own creation whom He loved with an eternal love!

Previously, there was the humiliating trial, those whom He came to save—to whom He gave His Light—-yelling, “Crucify Him”….because they rejected the Light in favor of keeping their sins.

Carrying the cross—the professional mourning women along the way, to whom He said, “Weep for yourselves and for your children.” His heart was still with the lowly of the people—In His pain, He thought of YOU AND ME, and His chosen people who condemned Him!!!

On the cross He told us “it is finished”,~ ~ “Tetelestai” ~ ~ which anyone there would understand as “the debt has been paid”. It is what the judge says and writes, when a prisoner has served his time.

YOU AND I served our time —– we were executed—on that cross in the torn and tortured body of the Savior. His Light still shone, through the blood, sweat, spittle, and boot marks of Roman Soldiers. His Light will always shine! It will shine despite the rejection and false worship of the people He loves.

It will shine for the lowliest of the low by the values of this world. It will shine for the highest of the high, by those same values, and everyone in between, because that is the nature of Light, and that is the nature of the Most High God…..Elohim, (Mighty Creator God) El Shaddai (Mighty God) and Jehovah Ori—THE LORD MY LIGHT!!!! in all, the Bible uses over 85 names for God. He is all things to all people, and to make the choice to not only become one of His creatures, but to be the most hated, is unthinkable.


BUT, just as we died in Him that day, we will rise again with Him in His RESURRECTION!!!



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