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GOD’S WORD FOR FEBRUARY 28 ~ ~ Job 37:22 ~ ~ “He comes from the north as golden splendor; With God is awesome majesty.”

Some people can tell direction better than others. My husband always joked that I “could get turned around in my own shoes” He was right, I could, except when I was on my home territory.

It turns out that people who are good a directions (like he was) might have more magnets in their heads…..or not!!!

Scientists recently announced that they have discovered that the human brain is laced with tiny magnetic particles made of magnetite. Magnetite is the same mineral that occurs naturally in lodestones. While the particles are distributed throughout the brain, they seem to be more concentrated in the membrane that encloses the brain.

Scientists said that they had not seen the particles before because they are so tiny. The smallest are about a millionth of an inch in diameter, while the largest are a hundred-thousandth of an inch in diameter. Added together, all the particles in the average brain amount to only one millionth of an ounce.

The particles are identical to those found in many bacteria, pigeons, salmon and whales. They help those creatures navigate, using the earth’s magnetic field. Scientists are not prepared to say that they serve the same purpose in humans. Instead, they continue to study the particles to learn what purpose they serve.

But, we know that at the time of the creation, the earth’s magnetic field was several times stronger than it is today. When Christ walked this earth, the magnetic field was twice as strong as it is today. Perhaps in that stronger magnetic field, human beings were easily able to keep track of their direction.

However we find out which way “our shoes are”, it all comes from the Great Creator God, and our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Ps 50:12~ ~ “…for the earth is Mine and the fulness thereof.”

Job 37:9

From the chamber of the south comes the whirlwind, And cold from the scattering winds of the north.

Psalm 107:1-3 ~ ~ “Oh, give thanks to the Lord, for He is good!
For His mercy endures forever.
Let the redeemed of the Lord say so,
Whom He has redeemed from the hand of the enemy,
And gathered out of the lands,
From the east and from the west,
From the north and from the south.”

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