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GOD’S WORD FOR MARCH 19 ~ ~ Philippians 2:5-7 ~ ~ “Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus: Who, being in the form of God, thought it not robbery to be equal with God: But made himself of no reputation, and took upon him the form of a servant, and was made in the likeness of men…”

How old is the moon? Evolutionary scientists talk about the craters on the moon being sixty-five or a hundred million years old or even billions of years old. We, who know Christ, know that this is a ridiculous number thrown out there. Since we have learned what kind of rock the moon is made of, we now can prove from physical evidence that these ages are impossibly old.

Craters were made when a large rock from space crashed into the moon at high speed. If the moon were made of water, a rock would only make a big splash. That splash would be a crater for only a few seconds before it was once again filled with water. If the moon were made of honey, the crater would last a little longer, but the honey would soon flow smooth again and the crater would be gone.

American astronauts returned to the Earth with many samples of the moon rock for scientific study. The basic rock on the moon is basalt. Studying this rock, scientists have learned that basalt, too, flows (although much more slowly than honey or even molasses in January), but the flow can be measured. According to their measurements, none of the craters on the moon can be more than a few thousand years old. The natural tendency of the basalt to flow would have erased any craters which are older than that.

Science has shown that the moon craters which evolutionary scientists thought were millions and billions of years old are really only thousands of years old at most. This is one more piece of evidence that the Bible’s explanation of a young creation is not only true but can be scientifically supported.

And, yet again, the account of Genesis 1, the first week of creation, is proven true by physical evidence, which, even the evolutionists can’t dispute. Their desire to prove Genesis wrong moves on to people questioning the rest of the Bible.

But the monumental events in the Bible, and even some smaller ones, have been proven by physical means…..Creation, the flood, tower of Babel, birth of Christ, killing of infants by Herod, crucifixion, resurrection: and now, we’re seeing, in our own lives, in real time, the events listed in Revelation setting up in detail.

How much proof do people need? In the Bible, people who didn’t want to believe, weren’t convinced by the evidence they saw right in their own lifetimes. Noah told them for 100 years that the flood was coming if they didn’t repent. That would be about 5 generations, all laughing at the “crazy man”. You would think that when they saw the animals marching two by two, to go into the ark the last day, that they would start taking him seriously. After all, Noah didn’t lasso the animals and hog tie them to get them into the ark. God put it into their instincts to come—just the right ones—male and female, and more for clean animals. They came from all over the earth—-some, probably, that those particular people hadn’t ever seen. Wouldn’t you think all that would get some of them thinking? But, no, not one. They were probably still laughing at old Noah when the cloudburst came.

Remember, they had never seen rain of any kind before that. God just opened up the upper canopy of water that He created, which was a cloud layer that protected the whole world from the UV rays of the sun. (that’s why things further deteriorated after the flood, including our DNA) Also, He opened the oceans up to overflow across the face of the earth.

The people may have thought it was local, or they were so hardened against God that they didn’t even give a thought to Him. Either way, they, along with the remaining animals, probably headed for the hills. Higher and higher they went, but so did the water.

That’s what we do sometimes, isn’t it? When trouble comes, we go our own way—-climbing in our own strength, not stopping to see what plan God has for us———–what “ark” He may have for this situation, or for the general direction of our lives? God is control of everything—big, small, and in between. Please don’t ever forget that………..and always see everything and everyone through His eyes, not your own.

Heavenly Father, please show us the direction You want for each of us. Please give us discernment to know Your Voice more and more in the daily details of our lives, and our major decisions. Help us to feel Your Everlasting arms under us and Your wings around us every day. We ask this in and through Your dear Son, our Savior, Jesus Christ.

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