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GOD’S WORD FOR APRIL 13 ~ ~ Isaiah 45:12~ ~ “I have made the earth, and created man upon it: I, [even] my hands, have stretched out the heavens, and all their host have I commanded.”

Many airports around the world have a problem with birds interfering with takeoffs and landings. In 1985 birds caused over half a million dollars worth of damage to airplanes as they collided with the moving planes. But Japan’s All Nippon Airways came up with a way to keep birds away from its planes.

All Nippon Airways did this by giving the birds a message: “Our airplanes taste bad.” You see, many insects that taste bad to birds have a large spot on them, called an eyespot. When birds see an insect with an eyespot, they avoid it because they know it tastes bad.

Balloons with eyespots painted on them have been successfully used in Japan as scarecrows to keep birds out of crops. Flags with eyespots have been used to keep birds off buildings. So All Nippon Airways painted eyespots on the rotating fans of their jet engines. The spots are painted just a little off center so that as the fan spins, it looks like a very angry eyespot. As a result, birds have been avoiding All Nippon Airways planes. In the year after the eyespots were introduced, only one bird struck a plane.

The Creator God shows us all things. We just don’t always get it. Everything with Him is out front, open, honest, holy and just.

He will not, and actually, He cannot, deceive. He cannot make a mistake or do wrong. He is truly 100% just, holy and pure.

Even in nature, every creature is warned one way or another, so that they have a way out. He goes to the point of marking creatures that could be distasteful. We even see that,…the skunk is marked, the porcupine is obvious, poisonous snakes and spiders are marked, and there are many others.

He shows us for our lives the way we should go too. It’s all in His Word, the Bible. He shows us what we must do for eternal life, and for a life with Him on this earth.

Just like the animals in nature will be sorry if they ignore the warnings He put there for them, those who ignore His warnings of eternal torture, will infinitely more regret their lack of response forever.


If so, simply tell Him you want to live for Him and repent of your sins. Then read His Word to you.

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