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Why do people complicate the Christian walk? It is human nature to do. Humans tend to want to think we are making things happen ourselves, and this plays right into the hands of satan.

When we really read the Word of God fully, and prayerfully, we will see that what Our Lord wants from us is amazingly simple.

After we have repented, and received Jesus Christ as our Lord and Saviour, realizing that He paid the price for our sins, we need only concentrate on three things.

Of course, we will never fully accomplish these things, because we are still human, and are encumbered by our “old man”, but as we continually repent of our failures, and fall on His Eternal Grace, starting over with His help, these three things will bring us to the relationship with Our Lord that He desires of His children.

  1. TOTALLY submit everything about ourselves, and our lives, to the Lord.
  1. Focus our thinking on Him, prayerfully reading His Word, and listening with our

Spirits to His still, small voice.

  1. Obey what He tells us to do, so allowing Him to change us, and change our lives and those of others, through those changes inside us.

As we strive to do these three things, He will take all our burdens, and keep us in His Perfect Will.

Modern so called “faith preachers” tell people they need to have more faith to receive the things they pray for. This could not be farther from the desires of the Lord for His people!!! What we need is submission to His will. Then our prayers become prophetic utterances, and we have the promise that they will come true!!!.


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