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Method of worship is not a fruit to be judged by other Christians, as with the fruits of sin and rebellion.

Some believers worship the Lord with great emotion, dance, and song, while others have a more emotionally reserved relationship with the Lord, as well as infinite spots in between.

There is no room in the Body of Christ for judging each other in this. Someone who does not exhibit

euphoria during worship is not necessarily inhibited in their walk with the Lord. Someone who worships in a vibrant way, should not be judged either. We are given freedom through the Holy Spirit.

Emotions have nothing to do with true worship. Jesus said we are to worship in Spirit and in Truth.

In fact, He said He seeks those who worship that way, indicating that they are rare who keep emotions

out of worship. Emotions aren’t bad, but they are an opening for the devil to confuse and deceive, as is a believer’s judgment of someone who doesn’t worship the way they do. It can bring the believer down, rendering him useless and wounded, unable to clearly hear from the Lord. This is what the devil seeks to do with Believers, so their hands are tied for working for the Kingdom of God.

Each of us has a unique and beautiful relationship with Our Lord. As with our own children, each relationship is different, depending upon the child’s personality, which brings out that part of the personality in the parent. So it is with Our Lord and us.

God has infinite facets of His personality, and He enlightens each of us to a unique part of His personality, as it matches with our interests, personalities and situations. No other believer sees Him exactly as we do, and that is what He refers to in Revelations 2:17.…

Revelation 2:17
“He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches; To him that overcometh will I give to eat of the hidden manna, and will give him a
white stone, and in the stone a new name written, which no man knoweth saving he that receiveth it.”

So, as our spirits join with the Holy Spirit, that unique relationship is formed, causing each of us to worship Him by the vision of that clear facet of His personality.

Some believers live their lives in public view, and are comfortable with that, and the Lord uses them that way, witnessing and teaching in His kingdom directly, while others are called to a life of obscurity, with a quiet and prayerful relationship, gaining knowledge, and working through intercessory prayer. Of course, there are many other relationships in between.

The Lord’s love is so great, and so powerful that He cannot love one believer more than another, so we can all rest in our relationship with Our Lord. The Kingdom of God is like a flower garden. Some flowers (believers) are along the pathways, where they are seen by people, and admired for their gifts, while others are in the center of the garden, ….not seen by passersby in this world. BUT… Our Lord doesn’t walk the paths of the garden. He goes through, and stops by EVERY flower equally, and even takes special care for those who feel alone, and shelved for a time, or the flowers who need their heads lifted up.(Psalm 3:3). He is the husbandman, who cares so gently for His Flowers!!!!

The Kingdom is also like a cake. Many people would picture this as each believer being a small part of the cake as a whole….the Body of Christ. But, that is not how it is. Each of us is an ingredient….distinct and different from any other believer, and each with a unique gift to provide for the batter to be perfect. Without any one, the cake would be less than perfect, and the Lord knows just what each personality, need, strength and weakness would provide to make that come true.

So, don’t judge another believer because he walks down a different path with His Lord, and don’t try to worship like someone else. Let the

praying kitten

bowed-head-prayerpraising the lord in sunlight

Lord show you your unique relationship with Him that only He can fit you into to perfection, knowing that He will guide You in Spirit and Truth, as long as your eyes are steadily upon Him and you walk in obedience to Him. That’s what makes Christianity what it is…a relationship with Our Creator and Saviour, instead of a religion.

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