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Genesis 15:9…

When God told Abraham exactly how to prepare the covenant ceremony animals, He specifically wanted a 3-year-old heifer, goat and ram.

The significance of animals of that quality is this:

In those days, the people had large herds, which ran free in the pastures, grazing on whatever is available at any given time of year, but a very few special animals were kept behind the living tents, in pens, and fed very well. These were slaughtered on special occasions, or for guests.

They were the best calves, goats or sheep, and, were chosen for that purpose. They were “babied”, given special treatment, and kept hidden until their time.

Don’t we all have a “fatted calf” in our lives? Don’t we have thoughts, feelings, desires, that we “baby” in our minds? Things hidden that become our favorite parts of ourselves?

These are the things Our Lord wants us to “slaughter” for Him when He comes to share our lives as Lord and Saviour.

These are the “3-year-old’s”  that we have been nurturing, feeding, and cherishing for our lifetime. (a 3-year-old is an adult animal, and, being a heifer, she has been nurtured far longer without working, than any other animal….you might say, “spoiled”)

What is your 3-year-old heifer that the Lord is asking you to slaughter for the feast of your heart with Him?

Are you keeping a “fatted calf” and not sharing it with Your Lord?



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