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When we are newly saved, it seems we go through the “fire stage”. We get the feeling that God can’t do anything without us!!!

Oh, we say its all about Him, but we act as if no one in the history of Christianity ever tried to do this before, and now, …..”its OK, I’m here now!”….NOW, God can really get things done because He has us!

But as we walk with Him through the years, we gain His Wisdom, and we begin to understand what an “unprofitable servant” really is. We learn patience and we learn to wait for the Holy Spirit to speak, because anything done outside of the Holy Spirit is just straw and filthy rags.

That’s when we finally become a servant, and at that, an unprofitable one because we realize that we are nothing without Him. Imagine a master having to go to the field with the servant and hold him up, help him breath, move his arms, hands, and walk him around….HOW UNPROFITABLE IS THAT???!!!

The older we get, the more we fall down in True worship of Our Lord, and truly see His Awesome Grace and Glory.

As in “when we were still sinners, He died for us”—-and we still sin.

Then He has to put up with our arrogance that we see as devotion to Him, but is really a twisted self love.

As we mature in Him, we become increasingly aware of our smallness, and our limitations. The closer we come to seeing His face, the more we realize how insignificant we are and see more clearly how His Grace and Love abound .

As we “grow” we realize how small we are, and as we gain wisdom, we realize how foolish we are.  Its in realizing these things that we draw closer to Him.

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