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Many people don’t understand God fully. They have even less understanding of the spiritual world in general. To understand how God thinks, and what is really happening around us, (as much as is possible for a human being to understand) we must take time, effort, and total submission to read and study the Old Testament, as well as the New, in the light and teaching of the Holy Spirit.

For example, many Christians, as well as non Christians hold it against God that in some cases, but not in others, He commanded His people to annihilate every living thing after a conquering battle. Not only that, but they were to destroy all the loot (material possessions).Anyone who didn’t do that, was severely punished, or killed.

Why was God so “cruel”?

Why did He sometimes say to save the people and sometimes not?

It had to do with the unseen spiritual world. Some of the civilizations

In those days (as is still true today) were infested with demons. The demons would impersonate men and have relations with the human women so the resulting offspring was possessed. Children, animals, and even inanimate objects can be possessed by different types of demons. There are many, many kinds of demons, each with its own needs and abilities for its particular jobs. Of course, God knew which civilizations were infested with them, and He had to get rid of possible hosts of all kinds. If one of the Israelites would have taken an item, they could, and probably would, have become possessed themselves, so they were killed, to keep His people pure.

He had to know that their decisions for or against Him were from their own desires, not through demonic possession.

How does all this affect us today? Well, actually, in the spirit world, nothing has changed. Demons are all around us, as are angels. The evil one has been given free range, and evil is increasing, but the Holy Spirit is also working powerfully. The only difference is that if you are TRULY saved, meaning you have accepted Jesus Christ as your LORD as well as your saviour….living your life totally in Him,(see my entry, “what is a Christian?” then you cannot be possessed…

BUT…don’t relax….you can still be OPPRESSED…and sometimes that is just as powerful as possession. Demons can work through our minds, and get us very confused. The Word says that in the end times, they will deceive, if possible, even the “elect”, or saved persons…..So, there is no shortcut to spending time and submitted effort to being with Jesus Christ and His Word!!!!! Our Lord is our ONLY protection.

In our own lives, we must do like God commanded the Israelites to do in battle. Our lives are a constant battle against evil…our minds are the battlefields. We must do like the Lord’s people, and “kill” (as Paul tells us, “crucify”) our “Old Man”…who we were before we were saved and became a “new creation”……We are to put on the “mind of Christ” and think through Him. We are to annihilate thoughts that are contrary, and put to death feelings of envy, strife, selfishness, pride, etc. Of course, we are not able to do this on our own, or else we wouldn’t have needed a saviour, right? So, ask the Lord to help you do that, and obey everything He tells you to do, whether it be through His Word or in your heart. We must have a truly repentant heart. Repentance is not a one time thing at the time of salvation, but the attitude MUST be ongoing…constant.

We must put to death any situation in our lives, which can harbor the sins of the flesh, and any devices for deception. Don’t give them a hiding place in your mind or your life, for them to get hold. If people had to die for this reason, certainly we need to kill our own feelings and situations in our lives for the sake of Our Lord and His Kingdom!!!!!

The key to all this is OBEDIENCE….We can easily agree to all this, but doing it is another thing….you may lose friends, you may even have to change churches. You will almost certainly have to change your attitude at home, at work, at church, …in your entire life.

It is so wonderful that we don’t have the responsibility of doing all that on our own, but that Our Lord will make it happen if we have the TRUE desire for it, and obey Him.

God must have a pure bride at the end, and it’s the responsibility of each of us in our little corner of the world, to contribute to that, as well as to make our relationship with Our Lord more and more beautiful!!!!!

May Our Lord Bless you richly!!!


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