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I challenge anyone to show me in the Bible where God tells us that He will make our lives easy and comfortable. This is, and never was, His purpose for His people. He will give us the desires of our heart only AFTER we fully delight ourselves in Him…and are totally submitted to His will, which will transform our will to be HIS will, (Ps 37)

Our life here is for one purpose….to be slowly and constantly drawn to a deeper and fuller relationship to Our Lord…through His Word, through His Voice, and through trials and miracles….NOTHING is for our comfort, but all is for our relationship to Him.



Obedience to His Word for us may cause great pain, loss of friends (yes even “Christian” friends) but He is all that matters, and our one-ness with Him is all we need. His Word in its Pure Truth must be told.

A majority of so-called Christians believe that God is in the business of making us “happy” and ‘fulfilled” “full of God’s power for our lives”…and the popular preachers tell people this. But it is a lie, and people who love the Lord are being set up to fall for the lies of the anti-christ during the tribulation, believing it is Jesus wisking them away from an uncomfortable situation.

They are following Him “for the loaves and fishes” instead of purely for Him.

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