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John, chapter 11

Lazarus was dead, and Jesus has finally arrived. Mary, Martha, and, I’m sure others, are disappointed and blaming Him for being late, and letting His friend die.

Line 33 says He groaned in the spirit and was troubled, after He saw everyone weeping, in unbelief and disappointment in His timing.

I believe that groan was for the unbelief of the people there, and by extension, we believers today, also.

They believed that He could do all things, but their faith couldn’t go so far as to believe that He could bring Lazarus back to life.

Our faith, also, has to be based on submission, not putting God in a box and saying He will do this, but not that, and He will do this for me, and give me this. We say we believe but we believe our way.

In their minds, He was supposed to come and prevent Lazarus’s death. Their belief couldn’t go so far as to submit to God’s will and perform the miracle in His way and His time.

That’s how manmade doctrines were made….interpreting scripture from their viewpoint…..mixing carnal and spiritual together, and putting God in that denominational box.

In their minds, they decide what they want, and decide God will do that, as the people who loved Lazarus decided Jesus would heal him while he lived, instead of knowing He would do what was best for them and Lazarus, even if it didn’t seem to make sense at the time.

The prosperity gospel had its beginnings this way, and many other false teachings, also.



Its not a matter of faith, most Christians know God is able to do all things. It’s a matter of submission, which is the basis of faith. Otherwise, our faith is in our decisions and judgments, instead of God’s.

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