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If you’ve been following this page, you know I have posted many Biblical proofs about the fact that God’s Word speaks plainly that Christians will be here for the Great Tribulation.

This is not just a minor doctrine that doesn’t matter. Many say that The Word doesn’t make it clear, so its up to us what we “feel good” believing..

This is a very dangerous attitude to have, and it is overcoming the churches.

What we believe about what God’s Word teaches says a lot about our relationship with Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior. It’s a matter of attitude of our relationship with Him , of oneness with Him and of giving all of ourselves or holding back. Those who reject this doctrine and won’t study the Bible for themselves, say this because, deep down inside, they don’t want to know the truth. They took on the stance of the world, instead of the True Church. They “buy into” the idea that since they haven’t studied it, it isn’t a thing that can be known, therefore, we can simply choose what we want to believe, and what they want to believe, is what makes them feel good.

People feel this way about salvation, before they’re saved. They don’t know what will happen, so they believe what is comfortable for them.

People, (even Christians, I’m sorry to say) feel that way about halloween.

When told that it is satan’s holiday, they respond that they would rather think of it as a fun and loving holiday to spend with their families. What we choose for something to be does not change what it is!!! Christians are doing the same with the Tribulation teaching, thinking they can choose what they want to believe, instead of seeking the Truth in the Word and Mind of Our Great God!!!!

This is the same spirit as Esau had when he sold his birthright to his brother Jacob for a bowl of porridge. He probably didn’t take his action seriously, thinking he can get the birthright back later …..wanting comfort now, and worry about the price later.

Judas betrayed Jesus with the same mindset…..comfort and money now in exchange for eternity.

The Jewish people, when waiting for Moses to come down from the mountain with God’s laws, sought after comfort in this world instead of patiently waiting for God’s plan for them, and fell into deception.

This is not The Lord’s plan for His people!!!! We are to base our beliefs on the Word of God and that ONLY…..

Not preachers

Not feelings

Not desires

Not “majority rule” …,opinions of others.

Everything is plain in the Word, if we prayerfully study, and a pivitol point of the Word is the timing of the Tribulation because it shows where each of us places our total trust, and if we’re jeopardizing our eternity with our decisions in this world.

I’m not talking about choosing the evil of this world, but the comfort of it. Its not deliberately choosing sin, but its not choosing God totally.

Please, scroll down on this page and read the many previous posts on what God’s Word says about this important issue. It will literally determine your relationship with the Lord. Do you really “Love not your life unto death”? Or will your love for comfort cause you to fall into deception when the time comes?

This world is not only a place to enjoy the graces of God and witness to others of the wonderful things God has done. It’s a place to experience God Himself….all aspects of Him…and be cleansed, taught, and molded into what He sees. We need to shrink (not grow) into His image of us….totally submitted to, and one with, Him.

Most Christians are obsessed with comfort. God’s grace isn’t intended to give us comfort. The church has lost sight of what it means to die to self, to walk in the Spirit, to be one with God, and to live by the Pure Word.

Most don’t understand that God sometimes shows His love through discomfort and justice, for He sees the entire picture.

The church has lost sight of the fact that Christ is the Head of the Church. Most think they are the head. They are operating from the intellectual part of their beings instead of the spiritual. Why?

Do they think God is absent? Incapable? Sleeping? Uncaring?….

I don’t think so. I think they know these things aren’t true. Then why don’t they want to totally submit to Him and His Holy Spirit?

Because listening to God in the Spirit makes us uncomfortable. Much of God’s Word is uncomfortable. The church has forgotten that God’s love speaks through discomfort, for through discomfort comes submission, and through that, peace and faith.

When we are uncomfortable, deprived, and deeply hurting, then we are blessed.

He doesn’t give us Grace without discomfort. When we truly confess our sins, He doesn’t merely forgive. No! He digs the evil out of us, if we let Him. That is not comfortable, nor is it quick, but it is certainly effective and thorough…..IF we totally submit all to Him. He will not force us to do that.

If God has not made you uncomfortable, then you can be sure you haven’t fully submitted to Him, and that is also true of learning His Word. He did not give us Holy Scripture to make us feel good, and make us happy in our earthly lives!!!! He gave it to us to reveal Himself to us, and His Power, Justice, Wisdom, and all that He is should make us dig into ourselves to reveal the evil in us, and develop a hunger for His True Word, which will further make us squirm, but also cause us to come to that one-ness with Him where we will “Love not our lives unto death” THEN, He can reveal to us the beautiful depths of His Word, and we will fully understand.……….THAT is the beauty of Our God!!!!!



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