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When Our Lord came to earth to check out Sodom and Gomorrah to see how evil it was, He promised

Abraham that if He could find five righteous people there, He would spare the cities. These were very large cities, so you would think it would not be difficult to find five righteous persons in them.

They were cities which were over run and controlled by “sodomites”….Homosexuals. One would have to logically believe that not every person in the cities would be living that lifestyle of sin. Would there not be at least five who didn’t practice this hideous evil? After all, how long would these cities survive if there were no children born in them?

I believe its obvious that there would have been a great many people who did not live in this sin. Just like in the world today, I believe there were many, like now, who knew it was wrong and wouldn’t do it themselves, but …………who bought into the lie that they can’t tell someone else how to live………they bought into the “tolerance of sin” lie of the devil!!!!! God is not tolerant of sin, and we shouldn’t be either.

So, since God couldn’t find even five righteous (Lot’s family consisted of four) we would have to believe that God judges us by the position we take on sin. Tolerating it is the same as condoning it.

Now, there isn’t a whole lot we can do individually against a sin like this, but we will be judged by what we do with what is available to us.

For instance, we can all vote for the candidate who opposes this sin, and the others our nation is indulging in…..So many Christians either don’t vote at all, or they “vote their pocketbooks”….This is not God’s way!!!!! We can support those who are standing strong against this and other sins. We can pray for our nation, for Israel, and for the world.

If we are alert to the Voice of God in our spirits, we will know what He wants us to do, to show our position in this world…..our position of standing with Our Lord against evil.

Just because we do not participate in a certain sin doesn’t mean we are guiltless. Remember, The Word says “to whom more is given, more is expected”…God judges His people, to whom He has given His Son and Grace with Life Everlasting greater than He judges the lost.

With evil having been let loose by God in these times, we need to hold onto and tune into the Holy Spirit and join the battle that is raging before our spiritual eyes.

We cannot call ourselves Christians and not be joining in the fight by obeying immediately what Our Lord tells us to do in our lives and the people and situations He puts us with.

Remember, tolerance of sin is a sin!!!!


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