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Driving into town from our farm home, I am always in wonderment about how normal everything looks on the outside. People going about their business as usual, despite what is going on in the spiritual world. If only they could see what is going on around them. Battles. Fierce battles for their very souls. But they have their minds on what to buy for supper, what happened at work, what …this or that person said about them, how to make it until the next pay check, what they‘re going to do for fun this weekend……the thoughts of life in this world. But what most people don’t know is that those very thoughts are what steer the battles for their souls in the world around them. What we think and what we say determines the sway to good and evil. “Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks”, so says the Word of God.

People are walking the beaches, having picnics, not being concerned about anything but the thing of the moment…..completely unaware of what is to come…..and which side they will be on when it is too late to change.

These thoughts tear me apart. They grieve my heart, because they grieve my Saviour’s heart. He is begging them to look at Him… see Him………to acknowledge Him……….and to accept and love Him……….but, they are too busy with the things of this world.Nothing is hid from Him. He knows the innermost thoughts of each of us. No one can pretend with God, like we do with each other. Everything and everyone is wide open to the Creator of all things, and His great love is trying to pry itself into each heart, but many times, the door is slammed shut, and His Great heart is broken once more!!!!!

silhouette of friends jumping on beach in sunset

Not for Himself, but for His children who will not have the shelter of His Love for eternity.

I see all these people, and I think, which ones are His, and which ones will be destroyed in the Great Wrath to come??? And my heart breaks again to think of it. I have the urge to yell out to them that this world will all end much too soon, but our lives will go on for eternity, and we must position ourselves by the side of Almighty God !!!!!

I want to hold them in my arms and show them the Love of God, how He yearns to hold them Himself, but they will not.

I want to explain to them that in these critical times, to be passive is to be grabbed by the strong tentacles of evil which is ever increasing in this world.

If we aren’t clinging to the Lord and to His Holy Spirit, we cannot withstand the evil alone. Only in His strength, wisdom, guidance, and protection can we get through this!!!

I want to yell these things out as I walk or drive through the mingling people…..but, without the drawing of the Holy Spirit, they cannot hear the real words. So, we, as Christians, must pray for the lost and especially for the passive and complacent, for Jesus said He spews the lukewarm out of His mouth. As the Holy Spirit draws them, we must be open to speak when and what He tells us, and withhold our voice when He directs us that way, because only in the Spirit can anything be accomplished.

Therefore, it is our duty as Christians to be in prayer and silence before Our God for others, and to keep ourselves in repentance at the Feet of Our Lord, so that we can be of use to Him for the people of the world.

“Holy Father, we fall on our faces at Your feet, and we ask forgiveness for our sins….those known and unknown to us, for You know all things. We pray that You cleanse us and make our way strait from now on, following You in the Light of Your Spirit. We pray for our families, and ask forgiveness for them, knowing that You are willing to forgive. We pray for protection for ourselves and our families from the evil one, and guidance to know our path for You. We pray You can use us for Your kingdom and for the people who You predestined to draw to You. Thank You, Lord, for Your Great Love and Salvation for Your children, and we praise You for who You are, even if You had done nothing. We just love You for You, Dear Lord. Please soften the hearts of the people who don’t understand, and put understanding into them in these times. Thank You, Lord, and we know these prayers are answered because of Our Lord Jesus Christ, and His intercession for us. Praise Your Holy Name, Amen”

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