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Written by “End Time Pilgrim”

How are you using the Word of God????

For the vast majority of Bible believing evangelicals the Pre-Tribulation Rapture is the doctrine that is their belief at this time. Only about 5% of Bible believing Christians believe that there will be a Post-Tribulation Rapture. There is no surprise as to why this is so. Throughout North America the Pre-Tribulation Rapture is what the Christians in the pews and watching Christian television are exposed to. This is what they are being entrained in and taught. It is the one they have heard repeatedly. It is also the one that most nominal, or middle of the road, evangelical Christians like. And so for most it is the one they choose to believe.

This fact is sad, but true. Few who call themselves Bible believing Christians actually read and study the Bible for themselves and for their family. Indeed, most Christians believe what others around them believe and what they are told to believe by their churchmen. This ecclesiastical collective is not necessarily bad in itself. The Gr. “koinonia”, the “fellowship of believers”, is a wonderful God-given treasure shining brightly inside the Congregation of Messiah. But the fellowship can be infiltrated. It can be hijacked by the powers of darkness. The fellowship of believers can be misled by cultic doctrine in place of God’s Holy Word. It can be corrupted by strange fire in place of God’s Holy Spirit. And it can be lorded over by Nicolaitan church leaders who stand like trolls in the Way and enthrone themselves in the place of the indwelling Christ. Jesus warned us about this great Nicolaitan Church evil in His letters to the seven churches. See Revelation 2:15&16.

We need to be given a “heads up” here. Every Christian believer will stand before Christ on That Day. See 2Corinthians 5:10. We shall all be asked to stand before the Ancient of Days and give an account of what we did with the Biblical information that was available to us during our lifetime. We shall stand before Him alone. No churchman will be by our side to cover us on That Day. We have only One Advocate and one Mediator with the Father. His name is Jesus Christ. May God help all of us to take personal responsibility here. By God’s grace we shall bring the true and faithful witness. We shall testify for God’s glory, for ourselves,for our family, and for all the ones to whom we are destined to bring our witness and testimony.

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