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When we are totally submitted to God, we will know what to do, and He will take care of us.  He said, not to fear those who can kill the body, but fear Him who can put both soul and body into hellfire.  We need to trust Him fully, and do what He shows us to do.   Mostly, we need to make sure everyone is SAVED.

We don’t know if this is THE end of the end times, or another feeble attempt by mere humans to shake their fist at God.   It may be the last one, or it may become many years of testing for God’s people, both Christians and Jews, to see who will stand during this war in the heavenlies..between principalities and powers in high places. Remember, each nation is ultimately ruled by demons or angels in the heavenlies, who are constantly at war, determining the direction of that nation.  This is a Biblical truth, not my opinion.   Which direction it goes remains to be seen.  At any rate, if this isn’t the very end, and if our nation survives, it will be many years before the possibility of rebirth of a Godly nation. and it will take much prayer and sacrifice on the part of God’s people.

Anyone, basically, under the age of 50, has not known our country in its Godly glory……when everyone stood, hand on heart, tears flowing, complete silence, during the National Anthem….all minds on our soldiers sacrificing for our freedom, and proud to be American, knowing that other nations looked up to her and wanted to come here, because God ruled the nation  through the people.

Its a far cry from that now, with evil reigning in Washington, complacency and greed ruling the hearts of the people,  and our children being ignorant of our rich and Godly history, because of the “dumbing down of America”

Our hearts grieve for the death of our great Godly nation, how much more, does Our Lord grieve????

He gave me these words  in April of 2012….


Just be still and sit and grieve with Me. In the garden that night, My disciples wouldn’t sit and grieve with Me. I needed them to pray, but I needed them to grieve with Me. I wasn’t grieving for Myself then, but for all my people who would not believe on Me and be lost.
But the grief I feel now is far greater, because the loss will be far greater. I need My people to sit with Me and grieve, then to stand with Me and pray, and open their hearts to submit to My will like never before in the history of mankind. I need My people to come to know Me intimately, like never before, and to repent wholeheartedly and often to stay pure before Me. I need My people to feel My breaking heart….feel the pain of a Father’s heart as I must loose evil on My children!!!! Feel My heart break as people who called me Lord turn away and embrace the most hideous evil!!!! I need My people to pray in the Spirit….learn to be guided by Me for every Word and every move…Only pray My words, only speak My words, for they are Spirit and they are Truth, and My Word never returns to me void, but it accomplishes everything it sets out to do. Rely fully on Me, My dear ones……..IT IS DANGEROUS IN THESE TIMES TO RELY ON ANYTHING LESS!!!

For the time has come ….the time of the “falling away” that I said must come first.
The time of the testing of My chosen ones, and judgment on the others. There will be no lukewarm….I have broken the barriers on satan, given him free rein on the world, and only My Spirit will stand against him. Like the test for My servant Job, I have heretofore put barriers upon satan in the world, saying “thus far and no farther” but now, the barriers are no more.!!

BUT…I will pour My Mighty Spirit upon all flesh……Your children will prophesy and your old men will dream dreams……..a Mighty move of My Spirit like never before in the history of mankind……….listen, my children, for the Still Small Voice, and come to Me very often to know Me, for the devil is ready to deceive in all areas. He has always been deceiving, but it will be even more devious. Watch for false doctrines, which are only discerned by My Spirit within you…..cling to Me, My beloved……Cling to Me!!!”




  So, let’s cling together, cling to the Lord, make sure everyone has made Him Lord, and is submitted to Him, and let Him guide us, while we stay informed, pray, and inform others, doing all we can to stand.

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