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I’ve been seeing pleas for unity in the “Christian” church. It’s a good idea, it seems, for anyone calling on the name of God….good people… unite against the evils that are being forced upon us.—OR IS IT?…. When I received an email to that effect, I thought it was good, and I forwarded it.

I thought its good to get rid of denominational differences and, even those churches and cults that fall short of the correct gospel message, what is the harm of walking alongside them just for political reasons in these critical times? After all, we share the same love of right over wrong, good over evil.

In my mind, it sounded like the thing to do, with the way the world is quickly falling…… but I felt a little unrest about it.

When I prayed that the Lord would give me peace about it, He answered that He will not!!!

He said that message was not from Him, but from satan. He said that True Christians should keep our thinking on the “strait and narrow” (Mt. 7:13,14)

And not make any covenants with unbelievers.

Others have made this same mistake in the past….making political covenants with those who are not on the same path spiritually….Many of Israel’s kings did this. Solomon did this, and the Pharisees did this.

Most of the people in the days of Jesus’ earthly walk were looking for a man, who would save them from the political injustice that they were under. They weren’t looking to the spiritual realm for a saviour from their own sins, and the sin around them.

Today, this idea of joining hands is the same thing. People are attempting to make the world right by a show of political power…not God’s power.

Jesus said in Mt. 24:24 that the devil wants to lead astray, if possible, even the elect. What a better way to do it than to mix believers with non believers and if possible, lead the elect astray. This was done in Emperor Constantine’s time. He made a decree that everyone must be Christian. This is where the message got diluted and mixed with pagan teachings, because so many were not true believers, and when we mix the two, the pure gospel is lost. It is like taking a sterile solution and adding one germ….immediately the mixture is contaminated, and the contamination will grow.

In this particular message, as, I believe in all of them, you don’t see a direct call to do spiritual warfare on the source of the problem…the devil and his principalities who rule the impostor churches. They will make a call for fighting evil…the symptom, not the source. This is because the principalities are actually the ones making the call for unity…to get true Believers’ eyes off of the Lord and onto political power to make us “swing in the air” and accomplish nothing, while getting polluted.

Only in the power of the Holy Spirit can anything be done, and that, not on the outside, but on the inside, as with His first coming.

Our Lord was born, and became man, and it was a magnificent, divine thing, but very few noticed, and the world went on.

He was crucified, and ravaged the powers of evil, saving those who will be, and fulfilling, once and for all, every law of the Chosen people…….turning the spiritual world upside down……..but, very few noticed, and the world went on.

Now, He has loosed the evil forces, letting them gain unrestrained strength against His People, and at the same time, increasing the Power of His Holy Spirit……to go on …the “wheat with the tares“ (Mt 13:25-40)….until the fulfillment of time when evil has reached its fullness……..but, few are noticing, ….REALLY noticing…and the world goes on.

People see the symptoms, read the signs, and this is good….but they are trying to solve it by themselves,

four people praying

 instead of drawing closer to The Lord.

We should love these people, Love them with all the Love the Lord can give us, try to draw them to a true relationship with the Lord and true salvation, but we MUST NOT make a covenant with them. For we fight not against flesh and blood, but against principalities and spiritual forces in heavenly places. (Eph. 6:12)

How could we justify joining forces with some of those evil spiritual forces in order to fight others?

No, no no….We must love them, but our covenant is with True believers and the Lord’s chosen people, the believing Jews.

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