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On the contrary, the Reformers, as well as the Early Church, knew that the Elect would go through the tribulation. However, our only source for Wisdom should be the Word of God. With the space provided here, I’ll list the scriptures for you to study, prayerfully, for yourself.

Mt. 24:29-31 Jesus makes this VERY clear.

Mark 13:23-25 Again, Jesus’ direct words

Mark 13:20

Matthew 24:22

These both tell of the shortened tribulation because of the “Elect” who are obviously still on the earth.

Rev. 13:7-10

Rev 15:2

Rev 20:4-6

Rev. 2:26-27

Rev. 3:5

Rev 7:13-14

Rev. 12:17

All these speak of the Elect and Saints being on earth during the Great Tribulation

Joel 3:12-15

Isaiah 13:10

Joel 2:31

Joel 3:14-15

Isaiah ch. 24


ICor. 15:52

2Thes. 2:8

All these show that the signs of the “Day of the Lord” which are the same signs as the end of the Tribulation (Mt and Mark verses—words of Jesus). Showing the Lord comes in the instant after the tribulation as He said in Mt. and Mark.

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