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On another person’s face book page, I saw something that opened my eyes to how the people think, who oppose God.

He said that he found that in the Old Testament listing of laws, every possible sexual interaction between family members was listed as forbidden, except father/daughter incest. His theory was that God left it out because Lot’s daughters instigated incest with their father by getting him drunk, so that they could have children. (Genesis 19:31-38) He said God changed his laws for His favorite Bible characters!!!!

This shows how a person like this has, in his mind, brought Almighty God down to his level of thinking. God is God, He doesn’t have to bend the rules!!! He is ABSOLUTELY just…not just partway, fickle, like humans!!!! This person has no idea what God is all about.

God, in fact, purposely told us about the sins of His people, so we could both learn from them, and see that it affected them and future generations greatly… sin can cause no end of trouble for our descendents.

If this person would have known God, and be sincerely interested in finding the answers, he would have taken the entire Bible into consideration and see what God’s thinking is. This is what we, as Believers need to do. Not take certain verses and use them for battering rams against someone, but take God’s mercy, justice, love, and guidance and all His other qualities into the blend and react to His entire personality.

In this situation, if he would have read all the books that contain the Laws, he would have seen where God said that no family member may uncover the nakedness of another. That covers any sexual sin., including, of course, the sin of Lot’s daughters.

I believe God left that (and maybe other things) out purposely so that we have to dig deeply into His Word and His Heart. We cannot get full potential from the Word of God without pouring our hearts out as we read. We can’t understand it at all without the Holy Spirit’s guidance, and that, after we submit totally to Him.

He tells us about these sins of His early people to show us what can happen, looking back over the years.

For example. Consider Lot and his family. (Genesis Chapter 19) . Sodom and Gomorrah were not much different from large cities of today, with sexual sin running rampant, and rebellion against God the basis of their actions.

Lot was a believer in the God of Abraham. The New Testament lists him as righteous. It says that his spirit was vexed with what he saw daily going on in his city. Yet, what did he do about it? Obviously he didn’t witness very much, because he wasn’t hated by the sinful population. He stayed there, in the midst of it. Indications are that he didn’t even teach very much to his daughters, judging by how quickly they sinned against God just a short time after they left the sinful city. Obviously his wife was attached to the material things in their city home, and probably had friends, as she looked back when told not to. (The phrase used in looking back indicates a yearning and pausing, not just a quick glance)

I wonder, were his daughters angered at having to leave their home, friends, etc.? Were they also rebelling against God by their actions? We aren’t told. We are told that he tried to convince his son in laws to leave, but they wouldn’t listen. I’m not sure whether Lot had just two daughters, or two at home yet, the other two staying with their husbands. In v. 8, he offers his daughters to the sodomites, being virgins. Apparently they weren’t yet married.

I also wonder how corrupt he had gotten himself, to offer his own daughters to these violent and corrupt men. The fact that they didn’t accept his offer shows just how deep into the sodomite delusion they were.

In looking at the history of the Israelites after that time, we can condense it to say that the descendents of Lot’s daughters were very evil, and not only rebelled against the God of Abraham, but also embraced demonic worship and actions. They were constantly a problem to God’s people.

Yes, our sinful actions can cause long and evil consequences for our descendents, as well as ourselves. This is just one of the lessons God wants us to learn from the sins of His people in the past. We are just as capable of sinning as His early followers were.

On that thought, let us look again at Lot. Living in that pest hole of sin, his “righteous spirit was vexed”….but he didn’t act on it. Obviously he just shook his head and didn’t say much. Even when the angels were taking him out, he begged to go to another city, instead of leaving that kind of environment to start out fresh worshiping his God. He set himself up for more temptation and heartache.

Since we live in a world much like the world of those days, with demonic warfare prevalent, and evil lurking around every corner, we need to ask ourselves, are we much different than Lot? Are we speaking up in every situation that we possibly can? Are our minds totally on Our Lord, knowing that this is not our home? Are we so in love with Our Lord that we feel uneasy on this earth, discerning the evil around us? Do those around us see that uneasiness? Do we show our love for Our Lord in every situation we’re in? Are we teaching our children and grandchildren to love God and be strong to stand up to evil, even unto death, if that should happen in their lifetime?

We don’t know how fast the end time events will progress, and we need to be ready for anything, and teach our families the same….clinging to Our Lord every minute, so we can hear His Still Small Voice and know what to say and what to do in each situation.

We need to discern the spirits in the world today, and we can only do that by spending time with Our Lord and learning from Him…“growing in all spiritual knowledge” and “putting on the Mind of Christ”

May Our Lord guide you and protect you in your journey here. God bless you and yours!!!!

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