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  • . I can not find one scripture that SPECIFICALLY places the rapture before the tribulation,(its all based on church doctrine interpretation) but many who place it afterwards. The early church believed in post trib rapture, and were ready for persecution, (I just found that out a few minutes ago) and yesterday morning the Lord brought to mind the verse : when Jesus comes back, will He find faith on earth? Why would He say that? It’s because the pre trib rapture lie has been putting Christians to sleep in the line of faith. Why should they prepare spiritually for persecution when they think they’ll be raptured? It fits the nominal Christian trend…people saying a prayer to stay out of hell, but not really making Jesus Lord…and to escape the tribulation. Jesus never promised us an easy life..just that He will be with us, and it will be wonderful for eternity. Most of the church believes in pre trib rapture. So when people go through persecution, they will lose faith in everything Jesus said because they think He betrayed them in the rapture promise. I think that is the great “falling away” that Jesus talked about that must come before the tribulation, and why He won’t find faith on the earth when He returns.
    Others will follow the anti Christ beast, believing it to be Christ coming to rapture them. Pre trib is the great lie of the devil, and the church swallowed the bait. Previously it wasn’t considered an important issue, but now it is.  It is devastating, and many will be lost because of it.


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