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A friend responded with a comment on one of my posts, and he explained God’s Word so well, I’m reposting it:

As you have said, the elect in the bible are saved people – both physical Jews and Gentiles.But not all ‘christians’/believers are the elect.The elect are the those who stand firm in the faith till the end.In other words, the overcomers as Jesus said when addressing the 7 churches in the…

book of Revelation.Many are called but few are ‘chosen'(i.e elected). How does a believer become an elect? by overcoming their trials through believing the promises of the word ( resulting in the crucifying of the flesh(self)) and bearing fruit through abiding in Jesus (keeping the faith) till the end.In other words, walking as Jesus walked.Many are called( believe in Jesus) but few(relative to the many) become overcomers till the end because many fall away due to the reasons Jesus spoke about in Matthew 13:18-23.The reasons in Matthew 13:21-22 will be major causes of the great falling away from the body of Christ at the beginning of the 2nd 3 1/2 years(Rev 13)(i.e the great trib – Matt 24:21-29) of the 7 years of trib (Daniel’s 70th week – Dan 9:27) that is foretold in 2Thess 2:3, when the beast’s mark event starts happening.The elect are those God whom knew as his before the creation of the world.(Rom :29-30).God knew who his elect were, like Adam knew Eve.The elect (Jew and Gentile) are God’s sons(male and female – Gal 3:26-28).Many including the elect are called to be part of the kingdom but only the elect overcome the world through Jesus to remain firm till the end in the kingdom of God.The rest fall away.Saints, fill yourself now with the word to be ready for the times ahead.Start acting in faith on the promises of the word, it is the good news.Ask the Lord for help.He will.(Mark 11:24) Become a doer of the word.It is the only way to become an overcomer and be part of the elect.The signs of the things( natural disasters, economic and social decline,astronomy signs, etc) happening together around us as foretold in the word, are pointing to the tribulation beginning very soon.There maybe hard trials ahead but for the believer who is a doer filled with the word and the Spirit, they will have no problem overcoming them.In the tribulation,saints all over the world will be doing miracles,signs and wonders in their nations, just like Jesus and the first dsciples did.The pure word of God without leaven(men’s traditions/ideas added to the scriptures) will be preached.The gospels and the book of acts will be repeated.There is nothing new under the sun.Everything just repeats.(Ecc 1:9).It will be the first time for many in the current worldwide church to see the good news become a literal reality.The Lord manifesting physically the gospel of Romans 1:16 for his saints.Great times ahead in the tribulation for the saints.I am excited and looking forward to the times.


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This friend responded with a comment on one of my posts, and he explained God’s Word so well, I’m reposting it:

I have heard some say (particularly pre-trib believers) that Jesus words of the end times and his coming in Matthew 24 was meant only for Natural Israel and not the church.They say those verses refer to the second coming which I assume they are referring to Revelation 19 where it shows …

Jesus coming with the raptured saints(after the marriage supper of the lamb) to make war on the beast.They say that the church will be raptured before the Matthew 24 events.One clear proof that Jesus words in Matthew 24 were meant not only for natural Israel but for believers worldwide as well, is at the end of the book of Matthew.In Matthew 28:19-20,Jesus tells the Israelite first disciples to go to ALL nations and make disciples.He told them to teach those new believers to observe(keep) ALL that Jesus had commanded(i.e given) them.One of the things Jesus taught the first Israelite believers was the end time events and his coming(only once according to 1Cor 15:23) FOR the saints.(In Rev 19, Jesus is coming WITH his resurrected and raptured saints after the marriage supper in heaven, to make war on the beast.A different event from Matthew 24).The first disciples were then to pass on this end time knowledge to the new believers in ALL the nations.Matthew 24:31 is the resurrection and rapture of ALL saints(Jew and Gentile) as described in 1Thess 4 and 1Cor 15.All Israel(spiritual) is saved.(Rom 11:25-26).All of spiritual Israel resurrected and raptured at the end of the trib.No one left

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